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Obituary for Mo_Sugar "Missy"


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Today was Mom's service, I think she would have been pleased with the way everything turned out. I also wanted to thank everyone who supported my mom, and who cared for her, I know you people realy made a difrence in her life and you helped her deal w/ her fight. Mom is in a better place now and she isnt in any more pain.

Once again, Thank You!


this is a link to moms obituary, i guess you will cave to cut and paste this address.

http://groups.msn.com/OurChatHeaven/gen ... 3894056029

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Guest Phyllis

Mo was such an inspiration to so many people. I cannot believe she is gone. It is just sad. As her daughter you have been remarkedly strong and I know she would be proud of how you are handling everything.

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No one there can see it either, but there is a picture of Mo from a few years ago and a message with it:

http://groups.msn.com/OurChatHeaven/wel ... missy.msnw

Also, a copy of her obituary from the Mn paper is in grieving forum.

We all mourn when one of ours goes home to God, but it does come with the territory. CURSE CANCER!!! I will never get used to losing people to that beast.

My heart goes out to Randa and Missy's family, as well as to THIS family, who is mourning Missy's passing, as well as shellymac's father's passing.


Prayers, always


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I couldn't access it either....and would like to read it. A bright light has been dimmed with Mo's passing....and though I've not been here long, it didn't take long to recognize how special she was.

Randa, your strength shows in how you've handled such a hard time in your life...and proves too, how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I think your mom would be very proud.

Mo will be sorely missed here and long, long remembered.

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Randa - Your mom was one of the ones who replied and eased my mind when we were trying to make the decision regarding PCI. Turns out my husband has the same attitude she had. She will be missed here but I believe absolutely that she is in the world of spirit, without pain, and probably very busy helping someone! My prayers are with you - I know how hard it is to lose one's mother.


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