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Angie's Dad


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Hi Elaine

Thank you for thinking of us. Dad did NOT go to his family doctor. He waited it ou until his chemo treatment on Tuesday. I had the nurse listen to his lungs. She went and got the doctor who immediately wrote a prescription for antibiotics and another type of inhaler. Sure enough, bronchitis. (He also had a low grade temp.) :roll: I tattled on Dad and told his Dr. that he had been that way for over a week. The doctor then went into the seriousness of any symptom changes with my Dad. The doctor told my Dad to listen to me from now on. Soooooo, next time this happens, I'm going to tell Dad to listen to me and say, "Remember, it's doctor's order!" He is doing better now.....still coughing a lot, but it sounds a lot better. I can at least rest at night now. :wink:

Thanks again, Elaine, for thinking of Dad. It means a lot to me that you guys here care. (especially since I have no brothers or sisters to share all of this with) But, I do have about 1200 or so friends here to share with. Thanks to all of you!!!


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Hi Angie,

Hoorah for tattling and caring daughters! My dad is stubborn too. I've had to tattle on him but deep down inside I know he appreciates it. He hates to bother anyone with his problems. As a matter of fact, the only reason my dad caught his LC early is because my sister noticed that my dad had a cough (while she was there on vacation) When the original doctor said, "It's just allergies", she made him go to another doctor. I hope that nasty cough goes away soon!


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