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Not sure if this is the correct place. My husband is not doing well after vats surgery, I was called at work to go to the hospital thursday morning, when I walked into the room his head was the size of a basketball, his eyes were completely shut and his throat was closing up and he was spitting blood--a very scary site. The nurse says swelling is common but that this was an extreme case and the worse she has ever seen. The dr. was called immediately and I had to sign to put in another chest tube, I was told that it could either get worse or the swelling would subside in 12-24 hrs. as of last night he was no better. The dr. says he probably won't be released until Wednesday but if its worse I don't know. I wished the dr. had told us of these possible complications but I think even the dr. was surpirsed. This was a surgery that most people go home after 3 days, but I just don't know. I am so afraid that they may put him ICU because of breathing difficulty he has only 30% total lung capacity.

My work place has been great telling me not to use my vacation and take all the time I need but I didn't expect these complications, I have used 2 1/2 days already and might need more--don't know why but I feel so guilty. Please keep my husband in your thoughts. thank you

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