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combination of small cell and non small cell


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

It appears I am in the same situation but the final conclusion has not been reached. It's difficult to deal with but I ain't giving up. My first biopsy said small cell. 2nd opinion at MD Anderson said ONLY non-small. Idiot onc says both based on the 2nd opinion his lab HAD to get when MD Anderson contradicted them. They better have enough tissue left to send to US Armed Services path lab for another opinion or I'll kick some bu**.

You went to MDA, right? Given, their reputation, if they said small and non-small I would go with them. However, there are some very new sub-classifications, once classified as small cell. It could fall under Large Cell Neuoroendocrine Cancer LCNEC or the newest Large Cell Carcinoma with Neuroendocrine features LCC-NE

I dunno but if they talked about neuroendocrine features, I would have a third opinion at Armed Services Path Lab. Thanks to John, I've discovered that the doctor working there, William Travis, developed the sub-classification on neuroendocrine non-small cancer. I figure they have to be able to differentiate.

I'll keep you posted on any info I find on this. I'm scouring the web and devouring info. I know this is confusing. I hope I haven't confused you more. (I am confused myself for sure)

You have my prayers.


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There are also cases of mixed small and large cell. From what I have read, lung cancer sometimes will keep on mutating and may cause both small cell and large cell.

One theory, why two chemotherapies work better than one is that the cancer will mutate as it is attacked by one chemo. In fact large may mutate to small and visa versa. By using two different kinds of chemo, this will attack the cancer in different ways so it can not survive via a mutation or other means (different signal pathways).

http://www.mesothelioma-asbestosis.info ... ung-Cancer


It is definitely confusing.

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Your case is quite like my dad. The initial diagnosis is sclc. After the 1st cranitomy, they tested the cell and found NSCLC, but they tested again that concluded it should be sclc. It is not weird to find two types of cell I think. I don't have much knowledge on pathology, but you can check the info about the types & the subtypes of LC.

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