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Iressa Rash


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My husband started taking Iressa on July 1. Last night I noticed has face was red and blotchy looking. Today he has pimples on his face and is still red and blotchy. He also said he has the same thing on his chest. We are assuming is this the "Iressa Rash" one of the side effects of the drug. Has anyone gone through this same thing? Is there anything the Dr. can prescribe for this or does he just have to tough it out? Anything over the counter to relieve the redness/itching sort of? Any replies would be appreciated.

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There are many posts on this WONDERFUL (that's dripping with sarcasm, believe me) rash...yes, that sure does sound like the Iressa rash. There is a button at the top of the screen, third column, first choice - do a "search" on the topic and you'll find a LOT of information.

I hope you find some concoction that works for you. My rash was pretty horrible, Aveeno baby shampoo and my head was STILL inflammed, washing face with just water (no make-up, STILL can't wear make-up), buying "pure" creams... One thing recommended by many on the board is a cream called Udderly Smooth. Your oncologist can also track to what degree the rash is and may have suggestions or put your husband on an oral anti-biotic...

Good luck!


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My Mom has the rash as well - doc told her to take benedryl and it is helping although she can only take 1/2 tab to keep the sleepies away. For her head I gave her a mosturizing treatment and filled a shot glass full of hair conditioner and then heated it in the microwave for 30 sec, put it on her hair and wrapped her head in a warm damp towel and left it on for about 20 min and that helped seemed to help her scalp - she also had a mosturizing treatment at a salon - maybe it was the combination. Hope he finds some relief!!!

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