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Too many weird things


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Trying to figure out what God was telling me yesterday . .

I have always said, through my cancers, that my life could end instantly in a car wreck going to buy milk. Yesterday, I was on my way to school, and my very best friend was right behind me. She is the one I tell my deepest, darkest secrets to. The light turned to a green arrow for me, and I proceeded into the intersection. Out of the corner of my eye, a pickup truck was entering the intersection from my left. I knew if I got hit, it would be very bad, even fatal. I slammed on the brakes, as did the truck. All I was thinking was I can't get in a wreck with Suzanne right behind me. We stopped about 6 feet from each other. I checked the light again, to make sure I hadn't made a mistake, a prodeeded on to school.

When I saw my girlfriend at school, she said she had her hand on the phone to call 911. And she thought how I had always said I could be killed in a car wreck, and here it was.

Yesterday was Field Day, always a trying time for teachers. (Surprised?) I took it all in stride, because I was not dead.

Meanwhile, I was questioning why I had stopped the car, and not rushed through the intersection. She called me later that night to tell me how she couldn't stop thinking about it. I asked her about the stopping, and she said if I hadn't, I would have been T boned for sure.

This follows an event from the day before. I heard the interview on Good Morning America with the hiker who had cut off his hand to save himself. When commenting on the risks he took hiking alone, he said exactly the same thing I've been saying for years..."I could be killed going to the grocery store for milk."

Too weird for me.

A neighbor up the street died this week, and the funeral was today. The entire funeral procession drove past her house on the way to the cemetery.

I think God wants me to get up and get moving, rain and all.

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What I got from your story is:

It is not your time!! It was a message to get up and out and enjoy everything, because if he wanted you he would have let you crash!!

So be positive!! Keep Striving!! and Keep coming here so we can enjoy posting with you!! For a long long long time!!!


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Hi Gail,

The same thing happened to me. I was on my way to my first ongologist appointment after being diagnosed. I was first in line to go through the intersection when the light turned green and I started to proceed, the other traffic didn't stop. A cement truck just kept on coming with the line of traffic behind. BOTH lights were green at the same time. People were in the middle of the intersection honking horns. What a wake up call and it reallly put things in perspective. I'm thinking, "I could've been killed that instant, this cancer is no big deal, we face death every day whether we know it or not, at least I've been given a warning".


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Gail, God was a passenger in your car. He saved you both from the idiot in the truck. And he saved the idiot as well. I'm glad God is in charge. Sometimes we are saved when we deserve it and sometimes we are saved when we don't. Glad you're still here and we don't have to read a bad report about you here. Love and hugs. Don

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Guest DaveG


I read your story and I look back on this past week. I went down on Sunday, was down all day Monday, went to Madison, WI for blood work at the UW Cancer Center, thinking I was going to be there all day. I had a friend drive me down, dropped me off and left. It was planned that my wife would drive down later that day and pick me up.

When I got to the Clinical Research Unit, I then find out all they were going to was one blood draw and I would be done. I told them that things had obviously gotten mixed up. They noticed I wasn't feeling too good, so the let me have a bed. I called my wife and it would be 2 hours before she could leave work to pick me up. They drew the blood, gave me my shot for the clinical trial and called the clinical research assistant. The CRA cameup to the unit and we talked for almost 2 hours until my wife got there.

Friday I get a call from the CRA informing me that I am grossly anemic and that I needed to have 2 units of whole blood transfused. Here, all week I had been trying to figure out why I had no energy, and why I seemed to have a very short attention span. All week my body had been telling me to slow down, but my mind was saying go, go, go.

Now, after having the transfusion of 2 units, I feel better and am thinking much clearer. I said some things this last week that I wish I hadn't said and had said some things here, that I wish I hadn't said. Now I know why and I appologize for saying those things, which may have been out of line.

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Gail what a special story, it certain puts things in the proper prospective I remember the oncologist the day she gave Gene his diagonosis. Then she added, "on 9/10/01 I gave some very bad news to some patients and to some it really didn't matter, they were at the WTC (World Trade Center) that next day". What she was saying is so true, we must live for today. God is so powerful. Carol

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