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My dad's been on Celebrex for approximately eight months and started chemo again at the end of February. He's always handled the chemo well and has never been sick. However, this past month he has been sick to his stomach quite a bit. At the beginning of the month he was experiening a very bloated feeling and a lot of indigestion. Now, mostly an upset stomach. I was wondering if the Celebrex is making him sick? When his doctor prescribed it, my dad was told that it can be very hard on his stomach, but hadn't experienced any problems until now. Anyone else experience this? Thanks!

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Hi Angie

Mum has been using celebrex for several months now. She gets bloating and indigestion associated with her chemo, but it doesn't seem to be related to the celebrex.

Check with your doctor - I guess one thing you could try is to stop the celebrex for a few days and see if it makes things better, and if so, reintroduce it. If things get worse again, then it probably is the celebrex, or the combined effects of the celebrex and the chemo. That's what I would do, anyway.

Hope he feels better soon.


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I was prescribed celebrex about 2 years ago, before I was dx'd for a muscle strain. It was to help with the inflamation. After about 3 days I had diahrea. It was the celebrex. As soon as I stopped taking it I was fine. I just thought I would mention this as it does cause stomach problems.


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