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Just Need Some Support

Nancy B

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Nancy, you need to be able to express your feelings, even the not so good ones, to folks, so that's what we're here for. everyone certainly understands. I have lots of those moments and I'm not the cancer victim!

Have you tried wrapping a scarf or bandana around your head? I like that look, I think it's cute under a cute hat and may make the hat not so hot on your head.

Hang in there, you're going to be OK, I just know it.

Karen C.

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I don't know how I missed this post earlier, but wanted to say I certainly think you're entitled to both the pity party and the bath (the more luxurious, the better!). I agree that bald is beautiful, but it's YOUR head, so whatever you decide goes! 8) And I hope every day finds you feeling a little better, both physically and emotionally. Like the other Nancy said, I believe in you!


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I see you've gotten quite a bit of feedback on the emotional issues. I think we've all experienced those same things and it's very easy to empathise when someone else is going through it. Thank God for resources such as this site. It took me about a year to find it and I sure wish it had been sooner.

Anyway, and to my point, the hair issue. I wasn't too ego driven over the hair issue. I have been one of the lucky ones to reach into my sixties and still have a full head of it even though it was white. That's a family trait and usually starts in the twenties or thirties at the latest. Some of us color it and some don't. I was a "don't" and my brother was a "do".

After my chemo and radiation treatment from last June through November I still had my hair. Then we scheduled the PCI and I was told to prepare for my bald period. The gals all joked about it and how it would come back and on and on and that I shouldn't worry.

After about three weeks of PCI I noticed my hair was beginning to shed. It was kind of humorous because our dog has white hair about the same length as mine and we weren't sure who was losing the most. I decided then to get a very short buzz cut. That was about a week or so before last Christmas. By the first week In January I was like a shiney cue ball. We live in Wyoming and don't get out much during the winter, but, when we did, my head instantly felt like it was frostbitten.

By my birthday, the end of February, my noggin looked like I'd poured some dark sand all over it. My hair was actually coming back already and it was darker than it has been in forty years. Since then I've had a couple more haircuts. My hair is getting longer and longer and staying dark. Incidentally, my brother has quit coloring his hair so we now have the friends and relatives really confused over who's who. He's five years younger but that's harder to tell now also.

So, continue to follow the advice about treating yourself well. And don't worry about the hair deal. It is only temporary.

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