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Approaching one year mark


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This Friday will mark one year since my father-in-law's passing. I can't believe it has already been a year. This day last year the extended family surrounded him and the whole family with so much love and support. I'll never forget reading a card sent to him by his coworkers that spoke of their admiration for his impeccable work ethic and his caring way of looking out for others at his job. It reminded me of the love and gentleness that was woven deep within his character that surfaced amidst the macho bravado more and more as he grew older. How I wish my own kids would have more memories of that...

My mother-in-law, Sally, is having folks over for a special rosary ceremony at her house rather than at the church and she wants us to do the PowerPoint slide show I made for his memorial last August. I know it will be tough to watch it again but I really feel it is a celebration of his life and those he touched with his presence here, especially Sally. She finally started going to a grieving support group last Monday and we are so thankful for that opportunity for her. She kept thinking she wasn't at the point she should be or the point others might think she should be, and I think she now realizes she is very human and dealing with it in her own time is just fine. Being able to talk to others who lost a spouse rather than a parent or sibling I think will be very helpful for her.

I know she still feels like it is all some horrid nightmare at times. Even up to that last day she didn't want to believe he could really leave. Lillian's recent post about losing a soulmate touched on so much as did the replies of so many on that post. I try to share as much as I can from what I read on here when the moments seem right because she doesn't like dealing too much with the Internet herself, but if anyone has any more words of encouragement or just acknowledgement for what she is dealing with this week I will print them out to share with her. Please send up some prayers of peace and healing for my entire family this week. Thank you all...

Karen M.

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How lucky a man to have been loved and respected so deeply. What a tribute to his character.

Try to make the day a celebration of his life and not a mourning of his death. Remember the good and happy times. Make sure there is both laughter and tears.

I hope Sally finds the peace she is seeking.

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