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End Phase One of Treatment


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Almost at the end of phase one of treatment, 33 rad and 5 chemo will finish up this Thursday. Then only have 4 full chemo done once every 3 weeks.

In lots of pain! Throat pain is horrible, also have another yeast infection in my throat. That is almost unbareable pain! Still have the bruises from last weeks IV, they never lasted this long, guess the healing process has slowed.

Have chemo today, can't take the pain meds because they make me dizzy along with the chemo treatment. Lots of nausea from the yeast infection. Took two nausea pills to try to get this straight. Eating hurts too bad, trying to force some bread down.

I know I'm getting so close, just feeling down today. Also scared to death of those additional 4 treatments, it took awhile to get the steriod and benadryl levels right for the low dose chemo, what's gonna happen when they blast me?

Thanks for listening, just needing to vent and feel sorry for myself today. Easier to do here then to my family, they have been through enough.

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When you start your full blast chemo. Tell them to keep a very close eye on your CBCs. I did well through rad/chemo but had trouble with the full chemo and my CBCs. If your veins are giving you problems ask for a Medi port. It is so much easier on you getting the chemo.

Good luck. Drink lots of fluids and eat all you can take. You may want to drink the high energy drinks. It would easier on your throat.

Take care John

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Hang in there, hon. You're more than halfway through. Your throat will feel a little better when you're not doing both at once.

Are you taking something for the thrush? A pill that is a systemic antifungal.

Are you using anything for your mouth, like the magic mouthwash:

25 cc of liquid Benadryl, 25 mg/cc stock solution

25 cc of Maalox

25 cc of lidocaine, viscous, 2% solution

25 cc of nystatin liquid. (stock solution)

Also I had to take prilosec for acid stomach and reflux.


Prayers always,


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Thanks Guys!

Taking antifungal meds for throat and all the washes/solutions.

Had chemo, felt like crap through the entire thing. Told the Nurses that I didn't want to play today but they made me anyway.

My vien collapsed on the first IV and all the saline went under the skin, now I have a popeye arm. The second IV went well but felt crappy during and after treatment. Gonna take two percocet and try to go to bed. My daughter told me I look like someone from Night of the Living Dead (white and ghostly), at least we can still laugh about it.

Will watch my CBC's during full chemo. Very scared of full chemo, had so many problems with "lite" chemo, am praying that it will go smoothly!

Thanks for listening! Needed people who understand!


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Hi Beth,

Glad to see you almost finished with with the first round of treatment. Hopefully your throat will start to feel better soon. Just try to continue to eat. Remember soft thingsand lukewarm temps work best . But again I never had the yeast infection like you have. Here's to you feeling better soon both physically and mentally. Remember you can always pm or call me.

Best wishes,


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Hi Beth,

You might want to ask your oncologist about being off for a month or so to let your body heal a little bit. I had Taxol/Carboplatin also. I had 38 treatments of radiation and 5 treatments of chemo at the same time. I was off chemo for 2 months then went back on chemo for 4 cycles

(once every three weeks). My onc. did this because of my blood counts being low. After my third cycle, I got pneumonia and was in hospital for 3 days, had blood transfusion and did very well afterwards. PM me if I can help in any way. You are in my prayers...

God Bless,


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Just wanted to send you an "'atta girl!" for getting thru Phase 1. Also hope you'll give a second thought to Mr. Ry's suggestion about the port. They make a huge difference. Or if that seems like too much, maybe look into a PICC line like Steve has. That was used for all Steve's chemos, blood transfusions, his constant blood draws, etc. It's really saved his veins.

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