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WARNING! Had feeling of dying during sleep

Guest draiocht_bean_si

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hi cat,

i wanted to check up on how you were doing (with the hurricane and all), but i totally didn't expect this! i don't know too much about sleep paralysis except that one of my former co-workers sometimes experiences it. i remember one time he was sleeping, and i was trying to wake him up, but he was just...i don't know how to describe it...it's like his body was just empty. he awoke after about 20 seconds, but the strange thing is that he told me that he heard me calling his name the entire time, but his body was just "paralyzed" so he didn't appear to take notice. as for your situation, you have been under so much stress during the past few days that i am not surprised that it has taken its toll on you physically. please, please, please take care of yourself. make sure you eat really good food and drink plenty of liquids (but don't eat right before you sleep...i heard that that can prevent you from having a good night's rest). if you are having trouble sleeping, ask your doctor if there is anything he can do to help. you must be so exhausted. maybe you can try another cd if you really need one to fall asleep. there are so many relaxation cds out there. my mother listens to a variety of them, all instrumental with sounds from nature (i.e. rain, etc.). i don't know about the cd you're listening to, but it sounds as if there is someone actually singing. i find that sometimes when i fall asleep while listening to someone's voice (i.e. on tv), i incorporate them somehow into my dreams. maybe the instrumental music would be better for you. and you may want to try a warm bath before you sleep. add lavender oil too. or you can try some soothing tea (like rice tea or some other tea without caffeine). or maybe even warm milk. i hope that this helps. take care.

God bless,


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I'm sorry to hear this Cat, how terribly frightening for you. You said you had been meditating, I wonder if you just went into a state higher than meditation. I remember once at a yoga class, I relaxed so much that I actually felt as if I were floating above my body.

I do hope things will soon improve for you. Paddy

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