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What is a cycle


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I am assuming a cycle is a treatment. Or is a cycle a set of treatments. Anyone know?

I have heard that many Insurance cariers will only pay for the default amount of treatments that clinical trials showed the best results on. Is this true?

I am nearing what is considered the end my optimum treatments, I'm trying to get ahead of this so if my Onc wants to change my chemo I will be aware what the reason possibly could be.


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Last year and unfortunately now I will be going though chemo. My chemo will be done in six four week cycles. Week one I receive Cisplatin and CPT-11, week two and week three I only receive CPT-11 then I have one week off. I then start the cycle over with the cisplatin and CPT-11. I would describe a cycle as a set of treatments.

David C.

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I was on carboplatin and VP-16. I took both of them the first day and then two more days of just one...can't remember which one was which.

Then I waited 3 weeks and did it all again. My doctor told me that each set of 3 days was a cycle....I had 3 of them. Hope that helps.


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