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bowel obstruction/liver mets


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Hubbie had an emergency operation last night for small intestine obstruction which Dr. thinks is unrelated to his cancer. He came through fine, but the Dr. told me he found some mets to the liver. Being new to this I don't know how this affects him, I have read on this board several others also have mets to the liver and seem to be doing well. I sure hope so. Life sure is full of surprises, and thank God for this board!

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I've seen a number of people with mets to the liver who seem to be stable. Hope this is the same with your hubby. I think it will be. Let's hope! Prayers to you both.


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Sorry to hear about hubby's surgery. I had mine collapse, likely due to medication which slowed down/stopped movement through, plus a perforation. Not a picnic.

Don't know about the liver mets, but hubby is one of many cancer patients who've had that kind of surgery.

Good luck on recovery.


Prayers always,


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