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Mesothelioma survivor

jodi page

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hello, my name is Jodi Page, i am 29 years old. i was diagnoised with Mesothelioma in December of 1999, at the age of 26. i had surgery, a left thoracotomy; radical extrapleural pneumonectomy. i recently found out i have asthma, and am having trouble finding the right meds for that. i would like to talk to and get to know more people dealing with Mesothelioma. why do they always give such long names to cancer? :D

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i want to thank those of you who have welcomed me and for giving me helpful hints. the question has come up in regards to what mesothelioma is. well, it's cancer of the cells lining the lung, between the lung and the rib cage and also can be found in the diaphragm. on February 22nd of this year i celebrated my 3 year mark of being cancer free. i just found out that on top of asthema, i am allergic to just about everything. on a good note, i am not allergic to any foods!! :D thanks again for the warm welcome. jodi

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Guest DaveG


Connie has told me all about you and how you are an intragal part of the support group in the Twin Cities. The way Connie explains (Connie, of course, has her own way of explaining things, as you well know :lol::lol::lol: ) it, you are much the same as she is: bubbly, enthusiastic, and can't stop talking :D:D:D8) . The first question I have: Is this true? :):):)

I look forward to learning more about Meso, and hope that others who have meso will join us here. Like NSCLC and SCLC, Mesothelioma has it's stigma as well. With the entire realm of Lung Cancer there is much to be overcome, but we are rapidly making headway. We're not there yet, as much more work is desperately needed, as you and all others well know.

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Hi Jodi, (Sunshine)!

So glad to see you share your story with everyone. Your the sunshine in many people lives! And of course you give HOPE to those that never thought there was any! And of course you know I hole you near and dear to my heart!! :):)

But also keep in mind, we're here for you too!! I know you haven't had the easiest time the last year, so, remember we are here to walk with you too!!! You know I am just thrilled by your 3 year survival and I am blessed to have you a part of our very own Support Group here in Minnesota, not to mention in my life!! :):):)

Jodi has GREAT knowledge when it comes to Mesothelioma. She will be a wonderful asset to this wonderful group.

Love with Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Hi Jodi. I just talked to Sandy last Sunday. Her CT the Doctors were making her worry about was no change.

We bothe had talked about how long it has been since we were to the Lung cancer support group in St Paul.

I miss Connie so much.

Take care of that Asthma!

Donna G

Woops! I thought Jodi posted recently! THis was from years ago!

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