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Dad saw surgeon today. Discouraging....


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The doctor said that there was a spot on one of his lymph nodes that shouldn't be there. They think it might have spread. He goes in next Thursday for a biopsy to be sure. The surgeon said that if it hasn't spread that they will attempt to take his right lung completely, as the tumor is large and centrally located. I am so disouraged and scared. I don't think the reality of it all hit me until dad's girlfriend told me that they were going to do a biopsy of the lymph nodes. I had no idea that he even had a spot on them.... he just found out today. How likely is it to be something else? While I was visiting him in July, I went to a doctor visit with him and the pulmo thought she felt an inflamed lymph node then.... I wonder if it is the same one.

What next? I am just so scared now and I feel so alone. My husband's grandfather died of LC many years ago, so I know he has somewhat been through this. But I almost feel I can't go to him with this. Almost like I would be showing some sort of weakness. I need to be strong for everyone. Do you know of any supprt groups that are face to face? Maybe a national group that has branches?

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I do hope your Dad will be able to have the op. I know it's tough waiting like this but try to relax and hold on until you know the facts before you panic.

I am sure that if you phone your local hospital or the cancer association they would know of support groups in your area. I know that our Hospital, (in afilliation with UCLA,) runs such a group. Positive thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Love. Paddy

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How likely is it to be something else?

I know this probably won't help you feel much better, but I'll say it anyway: It could be something else! I know it also could be cancer, but it also could be something else, and you know what? For the next week, every time I think about you, I am going to think and pray those words: It could be something else!!!



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