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It occurred to me the other day that all of you have actually influenced my life very heavily (in a good way, of course). All the things that I might have moaned about previously seem like things that are very small and not much to worry about. You are all so brave and I am so glad to know you all, caregivers and survivors both. Your outlook on life has blessed me and changed me into a much more positive person.. so thanks!! I don't sweat the small stuff anymore! :D Life is too precious for that.



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Yes, Nell. That's so very true. It reminds me of just a few days after my brother's diagnosis. TBone, Ann, ViVi, and I were sitting around his kitchen table trying to figure out what to do next . . . call the doctor AGAIN to try to get biopsy results? Call MD Anderson? Call every doctor we know and ask for advice? Cry? Scream?

Anyway, as we were sitting there, TBone's younger son Elliott ran in and said, "Dozier just backed the four-wheeler into the Suburban!" Well, for a second we all thought he was kidding, and didn't appreciate his timing. But his expression led us to run out the door after the initial shock. Sure enough, his older brother Dozier had jumped on the four-wheeler, and thrown it into reverse, totally oblivious to the fact that the Surburban was parked right behind it. There it was, a big ole "back grill of a four-wheeler" shaped dent on the front left fender.

Dozier had that, "I-know-I'm-in-serious-trouble-let's-go-ahead-and-get-this-over-with" look on his face, but we all just looked at each other and laughed. A few days earlier, such an incident indeed would have gotten him into a lot of trouble. But not now - he was safe, and it was just a vehicle. And we had something to laugh about, which hadn't been the case for a few days.

Amazing how our perspective can be changed by that one little word . . . cancer.

Praying for us all,


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