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God Has Given Me Strength


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Cancer is such an awful disease and like all of you, I have experienced cancer with a loved one....my dad. Approximately a year and a half ago my world changed forever.....my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was devistated and couldn't sleep for days. I then regained my strength and knew I needed to enjoy every moment with my dad while he was feeling well. I was able to do that. I wrote my dad a three page letter telling him about what a wonderful childhood I had and appreciated all the great times we had together. When I was growing up, my dad would take my sisters and I out to lunch every Saturday...something to look forward to. My dad was the one I would go to when I needed someone on MY side. He was awesome. Since I've moved back to Iowa 10 years ago, my family (parents, sisters and families) have enjoyed Sunday dinner together almost every Sunday....we call it "pizza night". I will always treasure those memories.

So when my dad's cancer spread to the brain and he became like an Alzheimer's patient it was devistating. My mom, sisters and I have been helping with feeding, "changing" and caring for him. Also, Hospice has been wonderful. I feel so fortunate that I live close enough where I can help. During this awful time I have felt completely loved, taken care of and at peace. My dad is 67 years old. Certainly too young to die in my eyes, but he has seen me grow up, graduate from college, get married and see my wonderful children. I feel completely bleessed with all those around me...my wonderul husband of 15 years and my two loving daughters, two great sisters, and a great mom. I am also surrounded by wonderful friends, neighbors and coworkers. Everyone has made this difficult time so much easier on me....and this SUPPORTIVE SITE. I have found so much support and comfort here. THANK YOU!! My dad MAYBE has three months at the most and it's difficult that he doesn't even know me anymore, but I truly feel I have been blessed. God has given me the strength when I need it the most and I am truly thankful. I have no regrets with my dad. I was there through the doctor and chemo appointments and shared many stories from here. My dad knows how very much I love him and I am at peace. I just felt like sharing thoughts from my heart tonight. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and God bless you all!

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your post is just beautiful. how lucky you have been to have such a great Dad. i am so sorry that he has lc. so incredibly sorry.

but i, like you, am grateful to our Lord that you are able to be there. sometimes in the midst of chaos it's hard to see God, but only later upon reflection can you see God's hand hard at work. you know, angie, it is my belief that God knew what would happen and He prepared the way for you to be able to spend this time w/your Dad and be a support for your sisters and Mom, too.

So, i'm glad you were able to move back and be around for those sunday dinners and your kids were able to know their grandfather before he was sick. that is so important.

thank you for sharing your story. i am going to share it w/my own family to show them they are not alone.

have a wonderful weekend.



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Your post shows all the love you got and gave,

now it shows the acceptance you will need in the future

to help you through life without him.

I found out that it is only with acceptance of losing a love

one that I can survive.

Thank you for postings your feelings.


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Angie, that is neat that you wrote your dad a letter. About nine years ago, I told my three kids that what I wanted for my birthday was a letter from each of them, telling me what it meant to them to have me as a dad. I got three very different but very beautiful letters, which I still cherish today. God IS our strength. Blessings. Don

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Dear Angie,

I am so sorry for what is happening to your family, I wanted to respond earlier but couldnt put the words together, I knew what I felt but couldnt seem to express it to you..Katie said it perfectly, your dads love is what will carry you through..God Bless you and your family.

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