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definitely a roller coaster


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i've been reading the good news section and there seems to be alot of good news. I finally started chemo this week. Initially i was going to have brain surgery this week because they found a met up there. But that has been stopped, then I was going to have whole head radiation to treat it and then the next day they said gamma knife would be better and I don't have to stop chemo to do it. So I'm scheduled for gamma knife July1. I think now I really understand the roller coaster part. i did have to start chem o on my birthday, I was kinda bummed about it but then i thought what a better way to spend my birthday than killing cancer cells

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I am glad to see that your attitude is still positive despite all the ups and downs your going through. I wish some of that would rub off on mom cause she is ready to quit treatment because of how it makes her feel.

I pray god blesses you through this and all the cancer dissappears.

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