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  1. Thank you, Tom. We called 911 last night. He has post ERCP pancreatitis and infection and had been admitted to our local hospital. Just trying to keep him comfortable now and iv antibiotics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What a week it has been! 2 round trips to city three hours from home, 4 hospitals in seven days, seven doctors, a CT scan, an X-ray, tons of blood work, a two night hospitalization and this morning, after leaving the house at 4 AM, dear stepdad had an ERCP and is home resting. Family and ER doctor thought painless obstructive jaundice and crazy bloodwork was a signal that cancer had spread to the liver. Oncologist was quite shocked to see that there is a 4 cm mass at the head of the pancreas that has been causing the jaundice. Also some slight growth in primary and other lung spots. When th
  3. Absolutely. I think my husband and I are competing right now. I'm trying not to engage, but it's hard. Also, we got back from vacation 9 days ago. Two suitcases haven't been moved from the front door yet. Between work, school, childcare, parent care, doctors appointments, it just hasn't gotten done. This weekend, I hope!
  4. As follow up, he admitted to me Friday night that he has white stools and dark orange urine. He's had hiccups for days and is still very yellow. Something must be going on with his liver. Helps explain the increased confusion as well, about which he is very defensive. Blood work tomorrow and I'm certain Tuesday the family doctor will be pressing the liver issue. I'll call the oncologist tomorrow morning as well. I am looking at startinf compassionate leave after Easter but will see what the next few days bring.
  5. Yes - we brought it up in February and understandably were instructed to keep an eye on his symptoms (at that point weight loss was very minimal and cough was less severe, skin was good). In the four weeks since that appointment, we went on a planned family vacation and upon arriving home Tuesday, I called his family doctor. He was so weak on vacation - we even used a wheelchair. This was a huge change and I know it was a shock for us all. He brought many meals back up on vacation, and I don't know if it was because of vacation, or the coughing, or new nauseousness. He's eating so much less in
  6. I'm having trouble supporting my step dad right now. I worry he is in the final stages of his lung cancer journey. An oncologist appointment in February and a CT scan of his chest and neck showed limited progression, but things have changed. His diagnosis (of stage IV nsclc squamous carcinoma) was in December 2015. No timeline was ever given other than 6-8 months at that time and he's done so well since then. I made an appointment with his family doctor for Tuesday - will have bloodwork (he is also diabetic) and a chest xray before then. He is angry and doesn't believe he needs to see the fami
  7. Thank you, everyone! It'll likely be me, my 3 yo and possibly my husband. No oxygen, no meds really. What do you do for insurance? I understand no pre-existing conditions (ie the cancer) but I worry about him falling and breaking something and needing care. Going to talk with him more tonight about options.
  8. Likely a long shot, but figured I would ask. I'm getting overwhelmed trying to plan some trips for my dear step dad in the near future. He has finished chemo (just before Christmas) and is feeling good. He doesn't plan to do anymore treatment and is having a full scan and tests done at the end of this month. After we see the oncologist again, we want to be able to quickly go on a trip if possible. He would like to go South (Myrtle Beach or an all inclusive or cruise) and I would love to make that happen. Has anyone done this or are the roadblocks too great? Thank you!
  9. Hi Lily, I'm so sorry you are going through this. Don't apologize for your feelings - that is what this forum is for (IMHO). My stepdad, who lives with us, was diagnosed last December as well with Stage IV nsclc. He did five days of radiation after diagnosis, then chose to wait for progression before chemo since he felt well. He spent the summer golfing and still working full time. He is about to do his second day of IV chemo (he is doing four rounds, 21 days apart, with the last round on December 22). They call it "comfort chemo" I guess. Progression is really starting now. Honestly I'
  10. Thank you everyone. I've started seeing a counselor on a monthly basis to work through some of the anxiety and guilt I'm feeling. Last week we had a great visit with the oncologist. Four new spots on the left lung since late November, but largest is 9mm. Another catscan scheduled for the end of August and next appointment after that. Dear step dad has decided not to pursue chemotherapy. His quality of life is really great right now and he doesn't want to spend the summer going through treatment. Will reassess in the fall. He was given 6-8 months in early December, and there has been almost no
  11. Dear step father is in his late 60s and has Stage IV lc. Had five days of radiation in December but no treatment since. Oncologist has been happy with slow progression and appointments have been every other month since December. New CT scans are being done tomorrow with next Oncologist appointment in 3 weeks. DH and I work stressful jobs and long hours. We have a 2.5 yo, and dear SF moved in with us the day of his diagnosis. We had planned for him to move in before diagnosis, but it sped up the process. I feel like I'm not doing enough to make his final months/year? (or maybe more!! finge
  12. Christine - it sounds like your dad is very fortunate to have you visiting. Keep the pillow near by and maybe he'll eventually give in - just like with the market? For social media - how about a poster with a brief overview of whatever he is comfortable disclosing. This page has some great ideas... I love the ones about taking it one day at a time. All my best, Lianne
  13. My 2 year old came down with chicken pox over the weekend. I left a message for our oncology nurse and she called and left a message to say it's not a bad idea for my step dad to get the shingles vaccine. I'm getting conflicting information, however. I can't seem to get confirmation that shingles can be triggered by exposure to chicken pox, and the CDC website says cancer patients should not be vaccinated. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  14. Stage IV nsclc squamous carcinoma. I hope I'm saying that right. Main tumour is at the top of the left lung at windpipe. Many smaller tumours in pleura and spread to lymph nodes. DSD has decided to do radiation and chemo. Radiation starts next Thursday for an initial five days and then another possible five. Will target main tumour that is causing pain and swallowing problems. Then several three week cycles of taxol and carboplatin chemo. We will continue at the cancer centre three hours from home because we are very happy with the care and facilities. Will see how he responds to treatment a
  15. Hi! I'm in a really similar situation right now. My step dad, who is absolutely my best friend, has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily he lives close by and will be moving in soon, so we spend a lot of time together, but it is so hard. I'm juggling being his friend, daughter, and primary caregiver.We are still waiting to hear treatment options - later this week. I hope Tom is right and your dad gets many more years and this becomes a bad dream for your family! Some days it is all I can do to put one foot in front of the other - you described the sorrow well. <3 Skype/Facetime/Cal
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