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  1. Jane, We start round 6 of chemo tomorrow. Muscles are the 1st thing to go and with each treatment the fatigue and weakness get worse. I am not looking forward to these treatments this week. He has still not bounced back from round 5 3 weeks ago. Chemo kills all the bad cells and destroys a lot of good ones. Peg
  2. Jane, Going thru this battle myself right now with my husband. It is scary and a whole list of other emotions. First and foremost QUESTION EVERYTHING! Write it down when you think of it and keep that notebook with you for all appointments. No question is considered dumb or stupid. Hugs & prayers. This is not an easy road to go down. Peg
  3. Pegi

    Small cell

    Hey Michele, Finally have a small window to slow down and try and catch up. we never get that peaceful weekend because they just have to visit. This last Monday was the last straw. I am done being nice to his family. They showed up 1 hr early and I was not even dressed yet. Lee of course was ready. They do not get it at all. I blew up and they chalked it up to me being stressed. They were only to be here an hour. After an hour & 45 minutes I told them all to get out. I am done. I am no longer answering their calls or reporting in. Not my problem. They can call Lee and the chances of him ha
  4. Pegi

    Small cell

    Michele, Last night brought us both about 8 hours of solid sleep. Our consult with our family Dr was an answer to a prayer. He took him off Norco which was doing nothing. Gave him Ibuprofen 800 2x a day with the gabapentin. he gave us Hydrocortisone 2.5% and told us to keep also using the Lidocaine. He also told me not to use the prescribed ER drugs for constipation because both are harsh and result in pushing which we do not need. Lee's problem has been chronic diarrhea since end of March not constipation. The chemo & that caused the fissure. His pain level today maxed out at around
  5. There are no stupid questions. How do we learn what we are up against if we do not ask. I do recommend writing all your questions down. It helped me initially and even if the question seemed dumb I still needed the answer. The elephant in the room which no one wanted to ask was how long? My husband and son were kinda shocked when I did ask but I needed to know all of our options. So please ask away! Hugs / Prayers, Peg
  6. Pegi

    Small cell

    Michele, How are you both doing? We have a Dr. appt this morning with our family Dr. Hopefully he can adjust his pain meds because what they gave him is not working. Since I brought him home on Thursday evening I think the most sleep either one of us has managed is 4 solid hours which is better than nothing. He starts Round 3 tomorrow for chemo. The cough is already creeping back in. Not good. One step at a time. Hugs & prayers, Peg
  7. Pegi

    Small cell

    Michele, Well we had a rough night after coming home. Spent most of yesterday napping, snoozing & eating. They gave him all kinds of stuff and I think I have it all scheduled and lined up for times during the day. He is somewhat better than before. The pain meds are helping with that. The only way I good get him to finally settle down the other night was to take the heating pad and put a warm hot towel on it and let him sit on it. And trust me we tried everything else. He was able to get it all settled down again and back in bed for about 4 hrs sleep. Needless to say we both s
  8. Pegi

    Small cell

    Michele, Today was rough. They did find a fissure and with chemo it will take a LONG time to heal. I finally got him home and settled in for the night hopefully. Right now he needs sleep and rest. They gave him enough meds to choke a horse. i HAVE A LOT OF READING TO DO TOMORROW! Well the settled in did not work, He is back down in his chair and in pain. Will keep you posted. Peg
  9. One day at a time one step at a time. Life is too short to have regrets. Love & compassion till the end. Hugs & prayers, Peg
  10. Pegi

    Small cell

    Michele, Trip to ER had him admitted and resting comfortably last night for the fist time in months. They gave him morphine for pain. It was amazing to watch his face and body relax. He is scheduled for the surgery today and when I asked who the surgeon was they named the Dr that cancelled all of his treatment. Lee and I both just started laughing. Seems she will take payment from hospital for services just will not take our insurance. Pretty bad when health care has come to this. On top of everything else we go thru on this journey we do not need more BS handed to us on a plate. I
  11. Pegi

    Small cell

    Michele, Well it has been a BAD week. Went to colon rectal Dr on Monday. She scheduled out patient surgery for tomorrow so she could knock him out to see what is going on. Got new insurance cards in mail yesterday. Called them to update ins and they promptly cancelled everything. They do not accept new ins. Meanwhile she had me cancel and reschedule his chemo appt for this week and move them to next week. I have had enough BS. If the pain continues to worsen, which it is I am taking him to ER. Someone has to do something soon. Ain't Obamacare just great! NOT!!!!! Peg
  12. KatieB, You are a godsend! Thanks for the info. Peg
  13. Katie, I did not get pushed into it. I refused to sign ppwk and they left. I am still looking into palliative care. Something needs to be done soon. I will keep you posted on what I find. Peg
  14. Pegi

    Question? VA

    Michele, My brother died from cancer caused by Agent Orange. PLEASE fight this all the way. DO NOT GIVE UP! They do not like to admit that it is actually killing people. Hugs & Prayers, Peg
  15. WOW! When it hits that hard and fast your brain does not want to process it. I know we have been on this journey since June 12th and it is like being on a roller coaster waiting for the crash. I love the go bald picnic idea. Just AWESOME! 3 days of nothing rest and enjoy your life. Emotional numbness hits when you are tired and waiting for answers. It seems to take forever. It is the unknowns involved in all of this that drive us crazy. Take care, God Bless and keep us posted. peg
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