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  1. thank you, great info. I'll call them first.
  2. Thank you for reaching out Lou, I have tried to prepare for my appointments. My wife will be going to most of them from here on so that will help. In my mind, i was prepared to hear that i had cancer, i wasn't prepared to not know what's next for treatment.
  3. Thank you Michelle, that's good to hear that your disease is stable. I'll make sure i get the bio-marker test. Is that done from the biopsy?
  4. Thanks Donna, B&W is affiliated with Dana Farber and they have a center in Milford that I’ve been using for some testing. I contemplated going to Boston but after some research and a long discussion with my wife we decided I can get excellent care there. My oldest daughter is finishing her freshman year at UVM, I’m so proud of her, she’s working her tail off in the Mechanical Engineering program. My son is a junior in high school, we just got back from looking at colleges this weekend. The youngest are twins who will enter high school next year. I haven’t told the kids or my family (I
  5. I started with the X-ray at Urgent Care, the PA tried to tell me it was post nasal drip. I’ve had pneumonia a couple times so she ordered the X-ray. I then had CT, then Pet scan 2 days later. After I met the doctor I had a brain MRI which blessedly said it hadn’t spread there. the tumor is close to my pulmonary artery (I think that’s what he said, it’s become kind of a blur) in the bottom lobe of my right lung, the thoracic surgeon said they couldn’t do a normal biopsy so I have to be under general anesthesia for the biopsy. I’ve also had a breathing test and a heart echocardiogram. Good lord
  6. Hi I'm Brian from outside of Boston. I had a cough that wouldn't go away and in a week I had three different diagnostic tests and was sitting with a thoracic surgeon from Brigham and Woman's who was telling me about my lung cancer. We talked about what he knew and what still remained to be learned before I can be staged. I was scheduled for a biopsy on Tuesday but it was cancelled that morning. Now it's scheduled for next Tuesday. They have run several tests and they tell me that the tests seem to indicate a neuroendocrine tumor. I am scared but trying to remain upbeat. I have four kids wh
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