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  1. Hi Eppie,

    I have been gone a few weeks so I just heard about your Dad. I was so sad to read of his passing. I hope in the days ahead yur grief becomes more bearable and that you will be able to feel some joy in your life again...With Love, Janet

  2. Hi Sue,

    I had similiar dreams for several weeks after my Mom died and I agree they are horrible. Its like going through it over and over. My bad dreams seem to have stopped and Im hoping yours will soon too and to be replaced by good dreams.

    Love, Janet

  3. Hi Connie,

    I think a second opinion is a good idea but I think it is difficult to switch the radiation. The chemo should be easy to switch.Sometimes I think the doctors tell us Mom is doing well but they have very strange definitions of doing well. When I knew my Mom was failing more every day the doc kind of patted us and said "oh I dont know why you are upset, she is doing great..everything is fine" Meanwhile, everyday that went by she was weaker and weaker. Hope you are able to find a doctor who will give you better info.


  4. Hi Donna,

    Im sorry you are feeling so sad. I have no advice as I am not too happy myself.. I guess all we can do is take things one day at a time and try to make our loved ones in heaven proud of us.


  5. I Know how you feel and I think that only time...a lot of it , makes these losses more bearable. Not okay but better. My Mom passed in November and sometimes its like it just happened yesterday. Im sure our loved ones are doing much better then we who were left behind. They are happy and healthy and we are here missing them. Prayers for us all to be strong and go on.



  6. Hi Everyone,

    I just want to share something that I find very odd. My Mom passed away in November, then my daughters friends Mom passed from LC in January, In February my husbands best friends wife was diagnosed with stage 4 LC. The day after he called us my Moms aide that helped take care of her the last few months called me to say she has lung cancer. To me this seems like too much to be a coincidence?? To me this must have some meaning...message but I dont know what???What do you guys think of this???


  7. Hi Lori,

    I want to give my very strong opinion on this subject. I hate nursing homes...As a therapist who has worked in some and as a caregiver(My Mom was in one for rehab for a few weeks) I can say I see nothing good in a nursing home. Im sure ther e are some good ones but I think it is rare. When my Mom was in we had to stay 24 hours with her so what is the point???I wont get into the poor care and the many mistakes they made unless you ask but we caught many errors... If it is doable...take her to your house...nobody will care for her like family and she can get home health for therapy etcIf she gets better she can always go home. I did not give my Mom a choice on this I just said youre coming home with me, I want to care for you because My Mom would say no because its too muxch for me.

    Anyway , sorry to go on and on but I believe taking our parents home if its feasable is the best thing.

    Sorry for all the stress you are going through...praying for Mom to get stronger.


  8. Hi Michelle,

    I have had a lot of really bad dreams of my Mom like she cannot breathe or she is in pain and I cant help her. It was very upsetting. Finally , last night , I dreampt I was looking for her and I opened a door and she said Im right here. That was it but Im hoping it means she is right here. Would be nice to have good dreams.


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