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  1. Oh Erin...I sure do understand how you are feeling...It gets better (a little) with time. Moms are just so irreplaceable and important in our lives especially those of us who were blessed with wonderful Moms. The only good thing in all of this is that Mom is no longer sick but young and healthy and peaceful. Wishing peace for you in the days to come.

    With Love,


  2. Hi Lisa,

    I understand how you feel , nothing is worse than seeing our parents who were once our rocks become so weak and helpless. I am certainly not an expert but am willing to share specifics of my Moms symptoms and progression if it will help someone else. I didnt see any info on what stage your Dad is in??I also didnt like my Moms doctor but she was too sick for us to shop around. Anyway....pm me with specific info on Dad and specific questions....I think sometimes the doctors dont like to tell us much because they dont want to be wrong but it is frustrating not to know. Anyway, stay strong and tell Dad you love him every day.

    Much Love,


  3. Hi Jackie,

    I know how you feel...I lost my Mom on Nov 17th and the pain is sooo bad. I also wish for a sign that she is ok but I havent even had a dream. It is also hard for me to remember my Mom without thinking of the horror of the past years...I also wonder about doing the right thing but I think that is common. Hoping for peace for both of us and everyone on this board.


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