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  1. Hello Jessica! I'm saddened to hear of your Mother's diagnosis but I'm happy you found all of us here at lcsc. There are many caring members who can offer support as well as information you will need during this difficult time. I encourage you to read through our forums and read. If you have any questions or just need a shoulder.....we're here for you!

    My advice to you is just "be there for your Mom. That I'm sure means a lot to her. Please keep us updated ((hugs))

  2. I'm so sorry to read about the difficulties your dad is having. I know having been a caretaker myself for my husband how hard it truly is. I can only suggest showing him as much love as you can and be there if he needs to talk. Have you considered hospice yet? I know that a hard decision to make. Please keep us updated ((hugs))

  3. Hi everyone! Weather here is crazy again :( Nasty rain and wind for the next several days. I shouldn't complain I suppose....at least it isn't snow right?

    Not much happening here right now. Russ is working and I'm playing with my quilts. His grand-daughter is graduating high school in June so I want to make her something special. Her favorite color is purple (mine too) so I'm thinking of something with purple tulips perhaps.

    Well, I hope everyone is doing well and out having fun :)

  4. Hi everyone! We've been really busy today getting things outside done because we have several days of rain on the way. We have 2 riding mowers and it took us almost 3 hours to mow everything but it sure looks nice now! My allergies aren't too happy about it though :(

    We have some corn to plant but have decided to wait until the rain passes which is good cuz I can't help with that much. I'm still suffering from this broken ankle of mine. I have pain non stop it seems like and this limp I have just kills my back :(

    Well, more chores to do so.....gotta run. Hope everyone is having a great week end!

  5. Hi Diane! We have started our garden with a few things so far. I have Garlic that I put down last fall and we just put down Onions and Cucumbers. Next week weather permitting the Corn and Tomatoes will go in. We bought a tiller last year to pull behind the tractor so that helps a lot. With my broken ankle still healing I wasn't able to help much and Russ did most all of the work. I just sat in the chair and watched! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. Hello Karin! My husband had the same stage as your dad. He too had the swollen legs and didn't do the exercises he was told to do at first. I believe it was slow in coming because he was depressed not only by the diagnosis but just felt generally weak from the treatments. Hang in there and just try to be as supportive as you can. ((hugs))

  7. Hi everyone! Not much activity in this forum lately. I imagine it's because the weather is starting to get nice for many. Not quite here yet though because it's only in the low 40's today with that nasty bad hair day wind ;(

    Since moving from a big city in California to a tiny town in Illinois, I've been going stir crazy sometimes and decided to start myself a hobby. Went and bought a sewing machine and am attempting to make quilts! When I started piecing my first one together Russ looked at it and started laughing. I asked what was so funny and he said "It's just a pile of rags"! Well, that pile of "rags" came together and looks really beautiful. I am sooooo proud of myself. I'm addicted to watching you tube videos and planning my next project :)

    Well, I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to hear what everyone is up to :)

  8. Thank you for the update on your Mom. I'm glad to know she has such a great amount of love and family support. As the others have said, please return here and ask any questions you might have or just to vent your feelings if you need to. I hope her treatment goes smoothly ((hugs))

  9. Hello! It's been a while since I've been here and I'm so sorry. As some of you know I've been healing from a broken ankle followed by some nasty surgery to put myself back together. I'm in physical therapy now and still in a lot of pain. I will come in here as often as I can :)

    Weather here in Illinois is crazy. It's was a brutal winter and yet it still seems to be hanging around. We are anxious to get our garden going but this cold is putting a delay on things. I can't help much and Russ will probably have to do most of it too! lol

    With all this cold weather I've been spending a lot of time working on my new hobby. Quilting! I found a web site that has loads of pre cut fabrics and a reasonable price so there are loads of packages arriving! I'm enjoying it, but let me tell ya.....it isn't as easy as it appears on the youtube videos at all. I don't know how many strips I've had to tear apart and start over with. But, until I'm back to my old self a hobby is good for me right now.

    Well, I hope everyone else is doing well and I will check back soon :)

  10. Hello Drema! I'm sorry about your husband's diagnosis. I too was a caretaker for my husband who also had IV NSCLC. He also took Tarceva and had the rash you've spoken of. It's a very common side effect to this type of chemotherapy. I tried the antibiotic creams as well but my husband had the most relief from coco butter creams.

    I'm sure others will follow me with what helped them as well.

    Please come back anytime and ask questions or just vent if need be. There are many members here with a wealth of information and support.


  11. Thank you for the update dear one. Your Mom certainly sounds like a fighter! This is her cancer, so if she chooses to fight then I say good for her. I just wish you could find yourself some emotional support. Have you tried talking more to your brothers to see if they will open up? I wish you the best of look and hope your Mom starts feeling better soon.

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