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Another delay...


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Chemo delayed another week....onc. wants opinion on the spine lesion first, and ortho doc. didnt like the way I posed on last MRI...want s to do another before he renders a guess. So far tho...he doesnt see any red flags there...so dunno.

K..jus wanted to update since few posts here this week...Once we get this done, then a big chemo dose next week...dreadin it, but gotta get it over with by Xmas...be done cept for periodic screenings. K...catch ya latta...Rich B.

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Keeping my fingers crossed on that spine lesion!

If you delay your chemo another week you should still make it before Christmas, that would be a nice gift, huh? NED and finished with chemo??

Who could ask for anything more!

They'e really putting you through the mental stress test before they finally decide what's going on. :(

Good luck and more prayers coming your way :wink:


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Hi Rich, I'm crossing my fingers your plan comes through this time. You've had it delayed so many times for "one more test"..

Yes, I did start my chemo, I started 2 weeks ago this Monday and I can only hope your experience is as horrible as mine because mine wasn't bad at all....... :wink: I go in for my next treatment a week from Monday and I'm hoping it's like the first, not bad.

Keep us posted on what's going on!


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