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I want to share a conversation I had with Mike before we left Tulsa last time. I asked him if he thought I had done the right thing. He said "yes". I asked if he wanted to come back. He said "Yes, most definitely." I asked if he felt I was pushing him into anything he didn't want to do. He said "Shannon - I trust you with my life. You are the one who knows about these things (medical things). You are the one who has done all the research. I'm happy with what you have done for me."

You have to understand...Mike has a reputation of being doggedly stubborn to the point of obstinance. He simply cannot be "talked into" anything he doesn't want to do. And that INCLUDES the doctor telling him he is going to die. He is very simply refusing to do what our oncologist here in town has told him he has to do!

My mother brought that up in a conversation yesterday with my daughter and I. She said "Has Mike ever been known to do what he doesn't want to do? Has he EVER been "talked" into something when his mind is made up?" No - never.

So although I'm planning the battles, picking the weapons, selecting the army...Mike is doing the fighting and ultimately the deciding.

Love and hugs,


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Mike might be doing the fighting and the decisions but you as caregiver are the most important thing in his life. It is hard and many times you have to keep quiet when you want to shout, but if you get together that will be one big victory. Keep us posted. Ginger NM

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Every effective soldier has behind him or her a General, a logistics unit, recon scouts, supply unit, a chaplain, Medical Corp. I'm having to do the fighting, Shannon, plus all the things you are doing as well. I wish I had someone I could count on to do the research and find the next fix.... I think the two of you are most fortunate to have one another. The love shines through, Dear Ones...

Fay A.

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Shannon and Mike,

I like to think of it as TEAM WORK! You are a wonderful team and what one may lack in one area the other picks it up in another. I think what you two are doing and how your doing it is wonderful, and GOD KNOWS it's working well for you both!!! :)

Keep on FIGHTING MIKE! God will guide you in this battle! Stay Strong!

Warm and Gentle Hugs to you Both,

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Shannon - I, too, have been accused of "pushing" my little sister to continue her battle in spite of the "best" professional recommendations. Over the past two+ years she has been told several times to "get her affairs in order." We both decided "they" were wrong, it just did not feel like it was HER TIME to go & I helped her make further treatment decisions. Thank God! For some reason, I was always confident in my heart that I would know if and when it was time to stop - and let my sister go. Unfortunately, that time was yesterday.

Shannon, you are right, no one else can know if and when the time has come. You will know it in your heart. You just will.

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