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Mom in Hospital


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Home from the hospital to clean up a bit and wanted to post an update on mom for those of you follwing her unrelenting pain.

Went to ER monday morning as pain was not getting any better. Erays showed her to have partially obstructed bowel. This was no surprise has bad as she has been constipated. Did another ct scan and other than still showing "NED", no other signs of explaination of pain. The bowel can cause the pain in her tummy, and maybe the back, but the doctor wants to do a MRI this morning to rule out a tumor or something/anything on her spine or in her back. From her description of the pain and area (mid to upper right side )in her back, drs things maybe just bad pulled muscle. I just want to find out the reason and get it taken care of. I cannot handle seeing mom in pain like this. The doctor also wants her on no more narcotics as those combined with the chemo, and other rx's is what caused the problem. But thats so hard, when you still hurt like ****.

Mom has a terrible fear of MRI(she has never had one) but doctor is giving her ativan and morphine in her IV to calm her and help her to lie flat. Please pray that Mom is able to do this.

Thanks for listening and caring

God Bless


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Have had two head MRI's in the closed machine...so I realize it's a bit different, perhaps, if more of your body is inside the machine. However, the tech placed a washcloth over my eyes...so that even IF I opened them, I could not see how close the machine was to my face. It helped immensely!

I could sort of look down my nose and see light in the adjoining room...which kind of oriented me, and that helped too.

Mostly, I kept my eyes closed though...and concentrated on just breathing normally. But I maintain that having that cloth over my eyes was a big help and I recommend it! My first MRI I did take a 5 mg. valium to calm my nerves. The second time....I didn't even think about a valium since I knew what to expect.

Hope your mom does okay with it...but if you're reading this and she's not had it done yet....tell her to ask for a wee cloth to cover her eyes. I swear it helps NOT to be tempted to open your eyes and see how enclosed you are in that machine!

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Hoping that your mom's MRI goes well and the outcome is good. Painkillers absolutely do cause constipation. Senekot-S is what I take to keep things running smoothly. See if your mom's doc recommends something like this to prevent this from happening again. Constipation can also cause alot of pain.


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Prayers for your mom. I've had a number of lumbar MRI's (darn back), and keeping my eyes closed works for me. The machine makes a lot of noise, so the techs will give her foam ear plugs. Open MRI's are good for the very claustrophobic, but they have poorer picture quality so if she can tolerate the closed machine, that would be better. Hope they find the cause of the pain soon. Katie

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