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I knew there was a reason......


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I knew there was a reason I never went to the doctor.....they always find something wrong with you!

Up until this year, the only time I visited a doctor (except when I was having my children) was on an emergency room basis.

In April, I was diagnosed with SCLC, and went thru my chemo visits and scans, etc., etc. When all that was said and done, I finally got a PCP and figured, hey why not? Let's go have a physical! Well, it seems like I'm falling apart piece by piece!

After my 1st visit with my new PCP; she called and told me I was borderline anemic (not too surprising following the chemo) and also that my cholesterol level was sky high.....prescribed Lipitor. If that wasn't enough, my kidney function has been progressively getting worse since chemo, so I'm scheduled for a kidney ultrasound for tomorrow!

Then, she scheduled an eye exam......no big deal, right?....hmmmmmppph.....I have a hole in my left retina and have to see a specialist Dec 1st; might need laser surgery!

Oh, I almost forgot....this week I was dx'd with a very bad bronchitis (never had that in my life), and am on antibiotics.

I'm at the point where I'm afraid if I drive by my clinic, some doc is gonna come running out saying "WAIT!!!!.....we've found something ELSE wrong with you!"

OK......I'm done ranting......forgive me......just hadda vent :roll:

Love you guys,


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Hey Mary, do you want the UPSIDE to all that crap??? Well, here it is:

None of it is CANCER!!! :D:D:D:D:D HIP HIP HOORAY! One of my Support Group members had some nasty things going on with him a few months ago, and I mean nasty. He had a crushed disc in his back, bleeding ulcers, and in a lot of pain, and the only thing he could say was, The Good News Is, it's Not the Cancer Back!! :wink::wink::wink:

If you want company in falling apart at the seams, well, HERE I AM!! Your not alone! But, I'm going to stick with, "It's Not Cancer"!

I'm pulling for you my dear. Hope you can get this all worked out and back up and running 110%. (((((MARY)))))))

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Vent away! Sometimes it seems like it all hits at once. I have dealt with; blood in the urine (all the tests negative), basal cell skin cancer (have 10 stitches in my nose right now), thyroid ultrasound coming up (high risk for thyroid cancer), irregular heart beat (on medication)........sometimes it sounds like I might be about 90 years old (only 57). Just hang in there, make a list and cross off the things you have seen to - I really believe in being very pro-active about my health so maybe that is why I have so many doctors. It does get somewhat frustrating. Just take care of yourself!

Love and Hugs,

Nancy B

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Vent away, Mary! I know exactly how you feel. Since I turned 50, it's been one thing after another.

I had almost no visits to my doctor(s) before age 50, and now it's always something! Currently, I have had quite severe heel pain on both feet. I thought maybe I hurt them on my new stepper, but the podiatrist this week said it's plantar faciitis, so now I'm having to do exercises to stretch my hamstrings and calf muscles. I've had this before, but it was in the arch of one foot. The first few steps in the morning are excruciating, but improves a little after stretching.

I've had so many crappy little things like this come up in the last five years that I am truly embarrassed to tell anybody if I can avoid it. I even had gout a couple of months ago! Geesh!

So, anyway, your vents allowed me to vent, too. Vent away!

Love you, too!


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Like they say, Mary....after a certain age it's just, "patch, patch, patch!" :roll:

There are times that I consider myself the "healthiest unhealthy person around"....and on the good days, the days I'm feeling fine....it's almost a wonder to me that that's the case! :?

I know it's not much fun when there's no "one-stop, fix it all" appointment you can make to take care of the works.....but rather you have to see the PCP, the kidney doc, the eye doc, the Gyn, the endocrinologist AND the oncologist. Sheesh! :roll:

But if misery really does love company....then it ought to cheer you up a bit to know that MANY of us share your plight! 8) Now...put your feet up, relax a little and think about whether you'd give up all the wisdom and knowledge you have at THIS age....to go back to your bubble-headed youth where your body was in great shape...but the rest of you was WAY less mature, wise, competent and perceptive! :wink:

Hang in there, toots....you really ARE in good company!

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Addie, As rotten as I feel most days, I would love to go back to bubbleheaded youth if only for a day or so.

Mary, I can sooo relate to what you are saying. From the sounds of it, 50 is the magic number, it's all downhill after that!! I went from nothing but the occaisional ibuprofin for a headache to 5 rx am 6 rx pm and handfulls of supplements every day! And I still feel rotten!

Payment I guess, for the indulgences of our bubbleheaded youth!!! LOLOL



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Payment I guess, for the indulgences of our bubbleheaded youth!!! LOLOL

And yet you wanna go back, Bets? :wink: Oy....you better rethink that!! :D

Lots of times the vagaries of growing older just DO NOT seem to make advancing age all it was cracked up to be....but then I keep reminding myself that it all still beats the alternative. :roll:

Ben Franklin said that because He loves us, God gave us beer to make us happy! :D Well...he also gave us vodka and a variety of little happy pills, too! So on those days when we REALLY are feeling our age - or simply "rotten", to use your word....we can...uh.....live better (happier) through chemistry!!

Who knew a Bloody Mary could be so therapeutic, eh? :wink:

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Just wanted to thank you all for listening to me whine for a bit.....phewwwww.......it really helped!!

I know that in the grand scheme of things, my little ups & downs are nothing when compared to what all of us and/or our loved ones are facing every day when it comes to battling this dreaded beast who invaded our lives without even the hint of an invitation!

It just feels good sometimes to vent......get it all out.....sure beats the alternative of exploding from the stress of it all; so darn messy to clean up!

And yes, better living thru chemistry has become one of my new mantras......and Bloody Mary's are most certainly therapeutic!!

Love you all.......

Mary :wink:

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I know the feeling well. I have been 50+ for some 9 years....in two weeks I will be starting the 60's. I am now on 15 rx and have to say I wonder why most of the time....leave one or two off...and realize why I am taking them. :oops: Its the glue that holds this tired old body together. All in all....I feel pretty good to have been through what the last year and 1/2 has dished out to me. I had to go to my pcp last week for blood work (take lipitor too) and sitting in the waiting room, I felt happy that I was NOT as sick as many around me. Now if I can just avoid getting sick with all the bugs they had I will be doing well... :)

Glad you vented. It gave the rest of us a start.


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