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Take care of yourselves;-)


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It has been three weeks since my Mother – my confidant and best friend – has passed away. Throughout Her career in the medical profession She never tired in Her advocacy for those under Her care and for that I am especially proud. May we all find such a voice when we need it the most!

What bothers me most was her constant (close to the end) admonishment – tell/ask me what you want to know! – Sorry Mom I never understood? We discussed it all. What had to be said was expressed. She enjoyed life immensely; nay, cherished it - especially Her Roses, Music and Golden Retrievers – Her favorite (Charles(Charlie)) passed August 2001.

Mercifully, My Mom did not suffer. The end was quick! She was lucid up until the end. What the Cancer/… did to Her in the last two months… . My prayers for all!



To each and everyone my best - Take care! God bless you All! Hoping for a day when this will not be necessary! "Give" to the cause - gene therapy and T-cell research (Bio-technology) is the way and the future. Chemo is/will be like blood letting of old. One hell of an education – thanks mom – I love you. Ya think ya could’ve eased up a little. As always...teaching us something new. Could've done without this though. I know if ya got to it...well...at least on your terms… I hear a piano:-) ^i^

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I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. It really hurts when we lose our parents. I think that even though we know they probably won't always be here, I don't think we really expect to lose them, and when we do, it really hurts. Please relay my heartfelt sympathy to the rest of your family.

You take care of yourself, and please stay in touch with us.



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