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An update - not turning in hall pass


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Things are crazy - here's a sampling:

1) For my school fundraiser on 12/04, I've got 45+ vendors (including the LCSC booth!), 6+ authors/illustrators to do booksignings, 4 performances, 37 themed baskets and 40+ other items for silent auction/raffle, bake sale, poinsettia sales - and I'm in charge of the whole shebang. Coordination, marketing, and scheduling are taking up my time right now, and I'll just be glad if I can pull the whole darn thing off in 18 more days.

2) Am still anxiously awaiting stuff to sell in the LCSC booth from you great folks. Have gotten a couple of things, and more are being sent, but please e-mail me at jkstuart@bellsouth.net if you need more info.

3) Just had to check in with y'all, as I was having withdrawal. Angie, Fay, DeanCarl, Elaine, Cindi, David C. plus all the rest of you - you're in my thoughts each and every day. Keep your chins up, and know that someone in Georgia wishes you only the very best.

4) To all you new folks - sorry I haven't had a chance to check in with each of you individually, but I'm sure you already can tell what a great bunch of friends you've found here. I've referred someone here too, but don't think she's posted yet . . . our kids go to preschool together and her mother was recently diagnosed. Sharon - I hate that you have to be here, but it's a good place given the horrible situation.

5) My nephew Caleb is doing well . . . he may have lost the vision in one eye, but it's not slowing him down . . . he killed yet another deer recently.

6) Teacake is running away! She's taken another job up in Tennessee . . . I won't steal her thunder, but please keep her in your thoughts as she makes this transition.

7) ViVi has been having computer problems and is as snowed under as I am, hence her absence from the board lately.

#8 TBone's immediate family is doing well, although his life insurance hasn't paid off yet so we're filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner, etc. Yep - just what you want to deal with on top of grief.

9) My FIL finishes up his chemo for the skin cancer this week. Fingers crossed that he handles it well and is up for our Thanksgiving visit.

10) My baby, Livi, turned five last week! I can't believe it!

11) The preschool silent auction I was very much involved in (as if I'm not very much involved in everything!) was a huge success, raising $8,665. (Whew - sure is nice to put one thing behind me!)

12) Miscellaneous normal "kid" activities keep me hoppin' (homework, dance, gymnastics, Brownies, etc.), and miscellaneous normal "Mom" activities have taken a back seat (cooking, cleaning, etc.) - but I'm not complaining! I'm healthy and so blessed in life!

I just got one of those Lance Armstrong "LiveStrong" bracelets, and when things get overwhelming, I look at it and know that indeed I am "living strong" and my Daddy and TBone are watching every move and are proud of me. (Now if they could just help out in a little more tangible way! :lol: )

Love, good wishes, prayers, fingers crossed, and praying for us all,


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Hi TeeTaa!

Gosh, your list on "goings on" is almost as long as mine. Taking Dad for radiation starts my day..........four days every week. We won't get into the whole list. :roll: I've been missing you and was going to try calling. Every time I think about calling, it'a either too late, too early, or I'm in a spot where my cell has no service. I'll try to get in touch with you one day this week.

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Hi Teetaa!

Teetaa!!! There you are...you little dickens!

I am glad that you are busy. I was afraid something had happened to you.

Happy Birthday to a really "big" 5 year old Livi. Wish I coulda been there for a party. 4 and 5 year olds are my all time favorite ages. They are so funny and they don't even know it...yet.

Best of luck to you on your fundraiser. I just know that everyone will come together for you 110%.

Til next time,

Cindi o'h

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Hey.... I am amazed you even had time to post!!

What a life you lead .... I am glad to hear things are busy and somewhat "back to normal". I can relate to all you community events... while my kids were in elementary and middle schools I was the PTA president many times over and constantly overseeing one event or another... I LOVED IT and can tell by your post that although it is crazy, you love it too.... it is so rewarding. I too recently got a livestrong bracelet and for some reason, i get inspiration from it everytime i look at it, its a nice feeling. Just wanted you to know that I think of you and your family often. Love, Sharon

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Hey TeeTaa, can you stop for two seconds so I can give you a HUG?


Okay, back to your list of ToDo's!!!! Oh by the way, I'm going to bed, just reading your post made me tired! :P:roll::wink:

Love you Sweetie. Your doing an AWESOME JOB with everything.

I am glad to hear Caleb is doing so well. That one was on my mind!

Love & Hugs,


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TeeTaa, you're so nice to take time out of that schedule to update us on you and let you know you're still praying for all of us. I hope you have time to take a bubble bath or something, just to catch your breath! Great to hear everything. Wish I could think of something to send you to sell at the LCSC booth!


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