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Dad is in the middle of a phase II clinical trial chemo treatment. He had his middle left lobe removed back in August and the doctors recommended chemo follow-up although they had felt that they had gotten everything with the surgery. He just had his 3 month check up and they found a spot (nodule) that showed up on the CT scan but not the x-ray. His onc spoke to him like they felt it was cancer and scheduled him for a PET for the next day (they let him go ahead with his weekly chemo) Right before the PET he met with his thoracic surgeon who said that he wasn't so sure it was cancer since it was going in the opposite direction they would expect it to go in (what does that mean?) and also that if it is cancer it is growing more rapidly than they would expect squamous cell carcinoma to spread. THe node is near the incision site and he said it might just be an inflammation from the surgery. Unfortunately he couldn't get the PET last weds. since his sugars were so high, the PET doc told him she thought he had diabetes (idiot, it was the steroids he is on to combat the chemo) so yesterday he went back to HOpkins for his PET now that his sugars had dropped back down. WE ARE STILL waiting for results. Any thoughts??? This waiting is killing us, it seems to get harder with each "it might be back" comment. I'd appreciate any thoughts, I'm trying to stay optimistic since they haven't called back yet. If it is cancer he will have to stop the clinical trial and they will have to make some more decisions. Thanks for listening to me ramble!


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I know it's so hard to wait, but the truth is that lung nodules can be a lot of things, not all of them bad. So, unfortunately, you won't know until you know! For now, just think positively.

Your dad has sure been through a lot in the last 2 years. my best to all of you. I'll add him to my prayers.


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Thank you so much for your replies, they really keep you going. I had been away from the board for awhile since we were so busy helping dad out with his chemo. Well, anyway, please know that we keep all of you in our prayers. In fact, I ran a 5K for lung cancer back in November and raised $500 and did it for all of you suffering from this "monster"! Dad did get his test results back on Thursday and the spot came back "hot" on the PET, not the greatest news but the docs at HOpkins admitted that they can't believe the cancer is back. Apparently lots of 4 letter words were being used in their conference :) They are now scheduling a biopsy (bronchoscopy this time) to confirm (or hopefully deny) that their is cancer. We are still holding our breath and waiting. I'll post when I get some more news!

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