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Couldn't tolerate morphine sulplhate


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Tim had a terrible few days when he was on morphine sulphate plus the senna. He basically stopped eating because his tummy was so crampy (I guess from the Senna laxative) and then he started feeling faint when he got up to walk somewhere (he thinks from not having food).

It's been a frightning few days around here, and to top it off, his onc is so depressing. Tim's increased liver involvement is why she is concerned, and she wants him to be pain-free. She talked to me today about taking off from work and spending as much quality time as I can with him. Does that sound like a big hint at something?

His Alitma treatment is on hold (I say). His onc thinks he's going to be too weak to tolerate it and strongly suggested I cancel the order. I reluctantly did, but plan to ask for it again if he can get stronger.

Well, he's starting a new pain pill tonight and I sure hope he doesn't react to it like he did the morphine sulphate. It's called Roxicet. Wish us luck!

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Sounds like things are exceedingly stressful for you right now. I pray that this pain medicine will make a big difference and Tim will be able to start the Alimta very soon. Cyndy, there is ALWAYS hope. You just never know what might happen.

Does Tim know about these conversations? If he does, what does he think? If he doesn't know, then maybe you should talk to him about it and see what he thinks.

Please keep us posted as often as you can.

Love and prayers,


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