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Tarceva Side Effects


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Tarceva problems are much like the Iressa. We found that a good moisturizer helps with the (you call that a rash) rash. Also, taking B-Comlex vitamins helps the splitting skin and dryness, and then there is immodium for the other. Good luck.


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Hi Charlie-

I took Tarceva for 5 days before all hell broke lose! My rash was so severe that I came off of the Tarceva until it clears up, it's been about 2weeks and I still have some on my face, will find out tomorrow if we start back up again this week. My Doctor is decreasing my dose. I had the lower intestinal problems too, but only once a week, I figure I'll lose a few pounds from it. My doctor has me on two antibiotics to clear the rash up.

The rash is nasty! People started treating me like I had cooties, I want to rub my face up against them and go ha now you got it!

Talk to the doctor about antibiotics and use a good moisturizer. I started at 150mg will try 100mg next.

Good luck!

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I am taking Iressa but with similiar side effects.

I too broke out in the rash and continue to battle it - several months now. Started on the face and neck, now goes down to my waste. First month was monsterous. My rash looked like massive acne - just like a 16 year old....at 39 lets say it wasn't a pretty site - never had acne as a teenager! The doc prescribed a med that has gotten it under control, still see a few spots here and there but good overall.

DRY skin was huge also. Some was from the medicine for the rash, the balance was from the medicine itself. All I can say here is keep your checkbook out, I continually try to find something to keep the itchy skin under control.

Stomach issues, only hit once a week or two so I use immodium when needed and it usually takes care of it.

Overall, most of the symptoms for me lessened as I continued the use.

I hope your reactions are only temporary and will get better in the days to come!


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I found a good lotion it's Eucerin (over the counter). It doesn't "clear" up the dry skin, but it's light, non scented and feels pretty good. It says on the lable for use for rash from persciption drugs. I use it twice a day, although it has not made the dry skin go away....it's not too greasy and doesn't sting!

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Hi All,

I was told by a licensed Clinitian (sp?), NOT to use anything with Mineral Oil in it. She said even baby oil is bad for babies. It dries your skin too much, that is reason why babies end up with a worse diaper rash.. This is what I was told, so now I use a face cream that has Avacado and Vitamin E. Really works well... :)

For what it's worth,

Blessings and prayers,


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Wow, what a response. You Guys and Gals are fantastic. I'm glad to hear from some of you that Iressa and Tarceva has worked for some of you. Hope and pray for the same. Thank all of you for the warm welcome and advice. It is comforting.

4/07/04 dxd stage III/IV B NSCLC Adeno Carcinoma with malignant pleural effusion. 3.5cm mass on right lung with psbl mets to left lung.

5/07/04 began chemo gemzar/carbo.

6/11/04 CT some shrinkage

7/23/04 CT Stable

8/27/04 Last Chemo. Three month break

9/03/04 CT Stable

12/02/04 CT Suspicious

12/14/04 Started Iressa

12/22/04 Off Iressa, started Tarceva (Resulting from manufacturer ltr)

This is making an extremely long story, very short

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