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Tim's Surgeon Visit


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Tim and I went to the surgeon yesterday for his 2 1/2 week checkup. Hard to believe that's all it's been since the surgery. It was a good visit. Tim had been feeling that he wasn't getting enough oxygen and really feeling kind of crummy--tired with no appitite at all. He's lost more weight and was down to about 135.

The doc was so encouraging. Reminded Tim how huge the surgery was and how he almost backed out a few times, opened the pericardium, etc. and told Tim he was really doing great for two 1/2 weeks out. His oxygen level was 99, and that reassured him, but he's anemic and of course need to eat. Doc says lots of protien to build cells and heal.

The most important news was the pathology--clean margins on the lung and lots of negative nodes. He said that to the best of his knowlege, he removed all the cancer, and this is a doc from the Swedish Cancer Institue, so I have to believe him!! Of course, there will be some follow-up chemo, but that's up to the onc.

So all in all, it was great news. Tim is much calmer today and I came home and found him doing laundry. :shock::shock: His breathing is better and he even went to the store with me! I thnk he was just working himself into a small panic attack..just a little anxious.

Sorry to be so long, but I'm just gald to be able to post in the good news section!! Yeah!!!


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That sounds like really Great news to me. Two weeks out and already up and doing laundry. I am only the caregiver, and I don't have enough energy to do the laundry. :wink:

I am so happy for you both.

I am praying that the surgeon is right, that he got ALL of that da_n cancer, and that Tim is feeling better real soon.


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Sounds like awesome news to me!!!!

It's great that he's able to get around and do the most dreaded chore of the house!

I hope he continues to stay on the mend...and each day proves better and better

Have a great fourth


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