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I just wanted to say that I like the smaller pictures so much better. I think they are plenty big enough. I downsized mine just as soon as I read the post that they would stay the same for now.

Rick and Katie...I join the others when I say "Thanks for all the work." You 2 do so much to try to please a lot of people. :)

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I like the smaller pictures, too. Hey Katie, when Rick wakes up (LOL!) could you tell him that I am having the same problem that luvmydog2 had yesterday (I think it was him). Every time I log in, I have to log in twice, and of course the second time I don't have any posts to view since last visit. I have to go through each forum to find recent posts.

We had this happen a while back, too.



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I am having the same problem that luvmydog2 had yesterday (I think it was him).

It was me. I keep my files and cookies empty tho. I only have the problem on new site. Working fine today (old site). I was getting error message when trying to log on.

Thought you folks had run me off.... :lol::lol::lol:

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Rick, you work so hard to keep us all happy and in touch with one another. I know you have been working countless hours trying to make this a wonderful working place. THANK YOU DEAR! WE are ALL very LUCKY to have someone like you!

Now, is there ANYONE that can offer Rick a little slack time, and volunteer some help to HIM???? I know you have been trying to get someone to help you out that is good with computers. I wish I was, I would do it in a MINUTE!


NONE of us would be here on LCSC if it weren't for Rick and Katie!

Love & Hugs & Support,

Connie B.

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I assume your message was directed toward my message to Rick about my log in problem. Rick is our support person and we have no other person to report technical problems to.

I am the IT Coordinator for my law firm and a paralegal and nobody cuts me any slack when there are technical problems. It is my job. They are supposed to report their problems to me regardless of whether I am busy. I might not be able to give it my immediate attention, but I appreciate it when they let me know they are having a problem. I would assume that Rick appreciates knowing when there is a problem.

My request was polite and I waited all day before requesting. Nobody, especially me, would ever question Katie or Rick's dedication to this website.

Rick, when I logged in just now, I still had to log in twice - guess it wasn't the files, cookies, etc. As always, thanks for your help.



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To those that seem to take my message personal.

My message was directed to RICK AND KATIE, and it was just a COMPLIMENT and no more then THAT! It was NOT directed at ANYONE other then RICK AND KATIE, and the fact that I stated a FACT, that we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them is just that, a fact and nothing more!

I know that Rickey has been going on very little sleep the last few days, to keep us up and running. I know Rick does NOT expect a pat on the back, but I think he has one coming every now and again.

It comes from my heart and nothing more then that!

Chill Pill, I was not picking on anyone! My goodness!!

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I want to clarify this so there are no immediate time expectations.

I just want everyone to know this is not my paying job that I work 70 - 80 hours per week and on top of that do this (LCSC) on the side voluntarily.

I will get to each and every question and problem as soon as I possibly can.

This post is not directed at any one in specific and just felt this was a good time to post this information due to the past 5 days of emails. Some nice and some not so.

I want to help each person with any issues, so if I dont respond immediately, this is the reason.

To ensure your issues are read and not missed, please post technical issues in the Technical Forum. That is the one forum I always check.

Rick :D:D

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