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States Most Likely to Go Smokefree in 2005


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States Most Likely to Go Smokefree in 2005

Minnesota, Maryland, and Utah most likely to go smokefree

In the U.S., seven entire states-- CA, DE, NY, CT, ME, MA, and RI-- have enacted smokefree workplace legislation for ALL workers, including restaurant and bar workers. The following states are likely to join them in 2005-- Minnesota, Maryland, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Vermont, and possibly Pennsylvania.

Government officials are quickly realizing that smokefree laws are about workers (who sometimes spend 8-10 hours a day breathing smoke). Pregnant workers and asthmatic workers are particularly penalized as the danger of breathing smoke often prevents them from applying for many jobs or continuing in jobs they currently hold.

"Smokefree workplace legislation is a matter of respect and dignity for workers," says Joe Cherner, founder of BREATHE (Bar and Restaurant Employees Advocating Together for a Healthy Environment). "No one should have to risk getting cancer to hold a job."

To win smokefree air where YOU live, go to http://www.smokefree.net/alerts.php

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I am bumping this post up.

I am absolutely EMBARRESSED by the fact that NJ is still not a smoke free workplace state.

With all the recent press lung cancer is getting, now is the time to write a letter (through the link listed above) and ensure that your state becomes smoke free (which includes restaurants and bars). Everyone deserves the right to eat dinner, or serve dinner, in a smoke free environment.

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Connecticut may be a forerunner in this...but I can also tell you that other than a mere pittance, ALL of the money CT got from the tobacco companies that was SUPPOSED to go into smoking cessation or anti-smoking programs....was used for other means. Put into the general fund, or I'm not sure what...but all but several thousand dollars, I read somewhere, has been railroaded for other things. :evil:

I wonder how much other states are spending from their "tobacco co. monies" on actual anti-smoking programs. There must be a web site. Think I'll go try to google it.

Found this from a 2000 article:

"Connecticut dedicated the majority of its share to fund a freeze on tuition at the University of Connecticut and to local property tax relief"

Cute, huh. Makes me real proud of the "integrity" of my state. :roll:

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I just read an editorial in the St. Paul Pioneer Press about how this state has put the money that was aimed at preventing our youth from smoking -into the major budget instead, as did Wisconsin. We also raised the cigarette tax $.75 to raise more money. As a consequence the tobacco companys have spent millions of dollars here at all types of youth events, concerts etc giving away coupons and promos to our young. As a consequence of this our 18-24 year olds smoke more than any other age group! They are all hooked! Tried to do a google search to show you the article not on the web yet.

Sad news, Donna G

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