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Biopsy Proven Recurrence Question

Fay A.

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For those of us who have had recurrences, did your Oncologists require it to be biopsy proven before they would initiate new treatment, discontinue existing treatment, or just begin treatment again? Or would they base the decision to treat on Scan results and the particular past "behavior" of your tumor(s)?

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Fay -

With my Mom's recurrence she had CT, PET and then 2 biopsies. Two because on the first one the histologist didn't have her records and didn't know that she had lung cancer previously so they didn't check for the type so she had a second biopsy to confirm that it was the adeno again. Her oncologist was adament that they determine what type of cancer to make sure it wasn't a new primary since it had been 3 yrs since her surgery. Hope this helps!!!

Much Love,


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Dave's recurrence was biopsied. But probably because no one thought it was cancer at all - thought it was some sort of infection in his sinuses.

Now, with the pea brain potential mets, if they appear to have grown when he gets another brain MRI on Feb. 7, the neurgologist is just going to schedule surgery and take them out without a biopsy, because the biopsy is not much less involved than the surgery itself.

Karen C.

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Lucie was biopsied twice initially -- once from the upper spine where the main tumor was, but they could only get enough to determine adeno carcinoma and not location; a second one from the right fibula, where they were able to get enough to determine NSCLC. After that, treatment has depended on pain symptoms plus scans -- no biopsy. Don

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