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God is good


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My reading for today:

God seldom takes us by the scruff of the neck and pulls us to our next destination. God provides the opportunities; it's up to us to seize them. God talks to us; it's up to us to listen.

Today I'll be on the lookout for God's opportunities.

Today's meditation comes from the book

In God's Care by Karen Casey copyright 1991

Appropriate, as always. I just returned from a week long vacation at the glorious Jersey shore with 38 family members ranging from 75 (my parents) to 6 months (my youngest great nephew). :roll: I know! I can't be that old! We have been meeting like this since 1988. We had all 18 grandchildren together for the first time since 1999. 4 generations, and I just basked in the wonder of it all. My siblings, our kids (the 18), and their kids (now 5 in number).

And, I actually thanked cancer (and my therapist :wink: ). I felt that I had different glasses on. Through the cancer, especially this last one, I learned to slow down, and enjoy. I felt like every minute a new snapshot. I really think my family was different too. Most of the time we were relaxed, and nothing seemed important, except for being together.

We each take one night to cook dinner. This was the first year I let my husband be lead cook. I followed his directions, and decided not to fight him, because I've given up knowing the "right way" to do things. The rice burned, and the meal was too spicy for the kids, but the earth still rotated, and the sun still came up the next day.

I just feel content. The house is a mess, I screwed up the checkbook, and my 17 year old is leaving for Europe in a week (yikes).

But I'm here, we're hear, and today is all we've got. Tomorrow is not here yet.

Love you guys.


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Hear, Hear!!

Intermittently I have to remind myself to enjoy the life I am living...this is IT! My mantra nowadays is the 4 Fs: Family, Faith, Friends, and Fun and the rest seems to resolve itself when I don't sweat the small stuff. I loved the comment about "knowing the 'right' way to do things"...been down that road, too, and still have to talk to myself sometimes. 8)

Thanks, friend.

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