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Tim's Test results...not what we were hoping for...


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The MRI and PET scan confirmed what Dr. Edmiston thought...the cancer has spread to the 3rd lumbar vertebrae and a lymph node under his arm and in his abdomen.

But, being an amazing Dr...she caught it right away and she said that's what it's all about- catching it and dealing with it. Tim had asked a question about one of the new drugs he'll be on, would he be on it from now until...and then he trailed off. And she said.."From now until...well, whenever...you know how I feel about times" She has never given us "how long" or a prognosis...she said that everyone is an individual and no one knows....

He is scheduled to meet with Dr. Macauley a radiation oncologist on the 18th and he will have 10-14 treatments to his spine. Dr E is starting him on the Iressa..which she feels will also take care of the lymph nodes. Dr. E is the director of Oncology and Hematology at UMass...(University and Memorial) and she is a genius (even with the choice of going to Dana Farber in Boston, we had already been told by my primary care doc that if it was one of her kids she would go to her and the pulmonologist told us that "she walks on water, I would trust her with my mother"). So I think we are in good hands.

She is obviously is excited about Iressa. Tim will also get once a month infusions of Zometa to strengthen the bones and prevent more mets. She was concerned about us..whether we would be covered for the Iressa ( A doctor that REALLY cares !) She had me call the insurance co. to see if they cover it and if we needed a pre-auth, but believe it or not, Blue Cross covers it, I can just take the prescription to the drug store and the co-pay is $20 (not bad considering it costs $1500 for 30 pills)

Surprisingly I am doing ok...even with the news. I think Dr. E had a lot to do with this..she was just so calm about it..she said.."We have a plan". I have read some of the horror stories here about Drs and medical care, and I am so glad that we chose UMass Memorial. They treat you like friends...everyone is so warm and they truly care. I am so thankful that God led us in that direction.

Tim is taking this so well and I admire him more than I ever thought I could ! Thanks for all your prayers !


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Tim and Kathy-

You've concentrated on the pro-active results and are forging ahead with a plan. Your doctor sounds just great and I am so glad you have her...what a difference the doctor's attitude can make in helping us cope and adjust. Embrace the positives and we'll all be praying for you.

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Tim and Kathy----although it was not the news you hoped for, it is still very positive----

with a positive atttiude like that, and the great Dr. that you have, I am sure you will have a positive outcome

regards Eileen

nsclc stage 1A lobectomy 6/00

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Kathy and Tim,

Sorry your news wasnt exactly what you had hoped for but it seems like your doctor is right on top of things and really does care. Here is a little more hope I found out yesterday; We went to see my dads pulm. specialist yesterday I told him my dads onc wanted to start him on Iressa, he thought it was a good idea because his uncle was in the phase one clinicals trials he was only the 3rd patient that entered the trials. His uncle was stage 4,and very bad, he lasted 2.5 years in those trials, the sad part is they stopped giving him the Iressa, isnt that crazy? I have no idea why they stopped, it was probably one of those rules they have when you enter those trials.. So theres another success story with Iressa. I am very hopeful too about Iressa

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