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I posted Daddy on the Wall of Memory recently. Unfortunately, Rick has not gotten the pic up yet, but I am sure it will be forthcoming soon - Anyway, Dads name is John V. Brosnahan - If you get a moment, and you feel so inspired, I would appreciate it if you could write a few words about what his story meant to you. I would like to print these out for my Mom so she fully understands the reason for this web site and what we do for each other and how Dad touched your lives. I think it will help her on her new journey. Thanks and as always, I love you guys. Sharon

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What touched me the most was just how much you love your dad and how worried you always were about him. It reminded me so much of myself and how much I love my parents.

I hope you continue to post with us and know how much you are loved. And tell your mom that she is in our thoughts!

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You love for your daddy, and you being his little girl was powerful. That love and commitment came through your posts loud and clear. The pictures of you and your daddy are what I will always remember. He had the sweetest face and the nicest smile, and the most beautiful, loving daughter.

All my love,


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Mr. Brosnahan was one tough man. I read his history and admired him greatly. So many trials, and such a great family to back him through his trials. A wonderful daugher, Sharon, and a great courage, he had. He is in God's hands. And may You be in Heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead. (Sharon, you'll know what I mean.) God Bless your family. He's in peace.


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Hi Sharon

Your Dad was such a great source of hope and inspiration to me. When I came to this website, I was all too familiar with the statistical averages for survival with stage IV NSCLC, and felt devastated. Then I read about your Dad and a few others, and suddenly things didn't seem so bleak - I saw that it is indeed possible to live long and well with this disease.

To have that new knowledge, and to be able to share with Mum and Dad the example that your Dad was, gave me alot of comfort.

Even though your Dad is gone now, his story of survivorship endures, and will continue to give hope to newcomers. That is a great legacy!

Love Karen

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