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Thanks to all of you

Guest marciaatl

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Guest marciaatl

Still new at using this - and haven't the time right now to ask my 13-year-old son if I'm doing things right. :oops: I intended to post this to everyone - and I think this will do it:

Thanks to all of you who have replied to my original introduction. The tremendous support I have received from family, friends and new friends has been amazing!

I feel I am as prepared for surgery tomorrow (show-time is 6:30 a.m., with surgery to begin about 8:30) as I can be. A little bitty sedative at dinner time tonight to help me sleep (the surgeon's assistant actually said if it were him, he'd prefer a glass of wine!), and then onward.

My father, son and husband will go with me to the hospital (lots of male energy) and I am taking various meditation tapes and calming music tapes along, too.

Thanks again for all the prayers and positive vibes - I know they will help. By noon, I'll be set out on the next leg of this journey. It's going to be an interesting one!

- Marcia

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I wish all kinds of success with this surgery. I will be praying for zero complications, a quick and painless recovery and No Evidence of Cancer.

Remember to take it slowly, pain meds are your friends so do not be hesitant to request them if you feel the need. Hug a pillow for aid in coughing. Rest LOTS, eat and drink and take good care of you.

If there is anything we can do for you here emotionally and supportively please log on. Will be waiting to hear from you soon and will be expecting good news.

God Bless you Marcia


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Praying and trusting that all went well for you. Looking forward to positive news from you.

Rest, rest, rest. Drink your water. Take all the meds needed to relieve pain. Use your spirometer. Hug that pillow. Make yourself move a bit and gradually increase the time. Don't wear any underwear for a few days. :wink:

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Hello Marcia - Your first day after surgery...use those pain meds... they will help you heal. I remember waking up on July 10, 2001 and wondering why I felt as if I were starving... Suddenly realized I hadn't eaten in two days...nurse brought me a cup of chocolate pudding, it was the best I'd ever eaten. Won't be long before you'll be outta there and home in your own bed. Praying for your quick recovery...Onward! Ellen Lilja

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