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Joel is starting his treatment for hyperthroidism tomorrow..


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We went to the hospital to start Joels treatment to kill his overactive thyroid. They gave him a pill, and he had to wait 2 hours and come back to nuclear medicine. This was to measure how much of the radioactive pill to give him tomorrow.

I was told that he should start to feel better within a couple of days and in 3 wks to a month, it should be a remarkable difference, to feel like his old self. And his heart rate should normalize. 8)

Right now it is an effort to walk as he is so exhausted. And has horrible insomnia. The doc gave him ambiem but it did nothing for him. He just cannot stop moving and cannot get comfortable. It is so hard to get him moving in the morning.... He has to shower one day and shave the next, he cannot do both together. Then when he is done he just collapses on the bed. Poor guy... :cry:

G-d I hope this works!!

Will keep you informed. Keep fingers and toes crossed :lol:


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Don't forget , he should double flush in the little room. I had that also, then they check thyroid levels . I ended up having to take a supplement of Synthroid to keep my levels normal. It was good to get rid of all those heart palpitations! Sometimes after a small amount of exertion, my pulse would be pounding at 160's. No more. Hope all goes smoothly. Donna G

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