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99% Angel


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Katie is wearing my favorite of her shirts today. It is a simple T-shirt that says, "99% Angel." Becky and I found it in Jefferson, TX, almost three years ago now, and Becky thought it was so funny and appropriate that we bought even though it was size five and Katie was 2.

At the time, of course, it talked about that little mischeivous streak that every child has, I suppose. But now that mommy is an angel, it reminds me of what a monument to Becky Katie is. What a gift from Becky is that precious little girl. I do not know for the life of me how I could have made it this last year without her. And I realize now that I never have to worry about feeling connected to Becky as long as those blonde trusses and blue eyes are part of my life.

There is a little of me in that little girl, but she is 99% angel.


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How very sweet, Curtis!!! I know how wonderful it is having Katie to help you through all this. My youngest son (25 years old) is the spitting image of Dennis. They're the same height, same brown eyes, same smile and oh how alike those expressions are. I find myself sometimes just staring at him while the memories roll. Dennis was 25 when we met, so Chris looks almost identical to the way his dad looked when we met! They have almost idnetical personalities, also. This helps me get through it all and somehow seems to remind me that we do live on! I'm so glad you have your two angels by your side...Becky and Katie!!!

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Just saw this. I'm a little behind on other's posts due to all our crisises.

I think it's a wonderful and appropriate sentiment Curtis, aren't you glad ya'll bought that tshirt?

but I like to make tshirts with iron on transfers and I have to tell you, well, I might steal the idea for Faith!

I love the stuff you share with us.


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