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Update on Mom

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I just got back from mom's and I just thought I would let you all know she is still hanging in there. She is still reciting her rosary non-stop, but it seems a bit slower and quieter now, she seems to be more weak and is sleeping more. For awhile there she was too scared to sleep. Our daughter went along today she had not seen mom since May, it was very hard for her at first but then she was glad to be with her Grandma again and I could tell that Mom was so happy she was there with her.

Mom seems to really be winding down, but yet the hospice nurse today said her vitals were still doing good and her breathing was actually better.

She did tell Jen (our daughter) that she wasn't scared anymore and that she wanted all this to be over.

As much as I love my mom with all my heart I wish it over for her as well, the suffering is just too much and she seems so very tired.

Thanks all for listening and I hope everyone is hanging in there.



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Hang in there. If your mom still has fight left in her I would look into clinical trials or other modes of treatment. However, its her choice and its best to keep her as comfortable as possible. Good luck and I hope things turn out good~!

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I am profoundly saddened by the news that your mom appears to be "winding down". It is good that she is more at peace and comfortable.

I am really praying hard for her, and for your family for God to be merciful. I am praying hard for her recovery, but if that is not to be, then let her go home with peace, grace and comfort. ((((HUGS CONNIE)))))


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