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dad's mind has left us

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you all have been so incredibly important to me and my sanity here

during this difficult time. i'm extremely sad to say that dad's mind

is no longer reachable to us. he just talks nonesense all day. this

is very hard. i guess that is a stage but i wish i could have known

this was coming. i thought he'd be around a little longer but even

though he's still breathing, i don't have my father anymore.

i wish i understood more about this and why this happened. edema to brain. liver toxins? i know it's not cancer mets. it hurts.

he's not in pain. that's a blessing. but i'm so sad.

thanks everyone. lori

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I'm so sorry - this must be really difficult for you. My mother has alzheimer's and we feel we've lost her also. The things she enjoyed most on a daily basis - her walks in the forest twice a day, pretty clothes, and her beloved dog - are gone forever, and she doesn't know that she's missing them. Perhaps it's harder on us who know than it is on the person who has "lost" comprehension.

I feel for you. Hang in there. I'm glad you're father is not in pain. I'm sending a special prayer over to you and your family.

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Hi, Lori, I am glad you are here. Sharing can really help. I don't know why he is so confused but I know it happens. There can be many reasons. Some believe it may be that he is between worlds, here and the next. He is so lucky to have someone who truly cares to watch over him now. Thank goodness there is no pain. Call in any and all favors, anyone who can give you emotional support. Even if there isn't much more anyone can do, you are strong enough, you are already doing this. Keep on with the touching in a comforting manner. Assure his safety, not falling out of bed, things like that. Thinking of you. Margaret

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Is he taking Steriod? My dad became crazy after having large dose steriod. This is Steriod induced and he had delusions and said something doesn't make sense. I don't understand much about your dad's case. It would be good if you share more about your dad's situation.

Sorry for what you are facing :)

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Is Hospice helping you through this difficult time? I surely hope so! Please understand that what may be nonsence to you is actually what your Dad may be experiencing right now. Hospice teaches that there are many valuable lessons to be learned from things your Dad may say and do right now. Maybe you could jot a few things down in a notebook and later they may make some sense to you. Don't forget, that although you think your Dad may be "gone", he can still hear you. Talk to him as much as you can. This will be comforting for both of you. I am keeping you in my prayers. I wish I was there to be with you!

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Ok Lori, here is when your going to be tested the most. You have to reach down way deep, deep inside and just tie a knot and hang on the the thread of a rope your at the end of. Your mind should protect you in some chemical way now and it will sort of go into auto-pilot and get you through the next few weeks.

whether or not your dad is making sense to you. he is making sense to who ever he is talking to. This should be a sign to you that a loved one or someone who he feels comfortable with is amoungst him. where he is mentally, they are with him and are helping him also come to grips with what he now has to do which is leave his family behind so he can go onto the next chapter of his life.

I swear I don't mean anything to upset you, but when mom and dad were passing, a hospice nurse told me these things and when I watched mom mumble, I knew (or wanted to believe) that her twin sister who died 1 year before was there with her and there to take her across. That brought me mush needed comfort.

I will pray for your dad

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Hi Lori,

I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I lost my dad to cancer 14 years ago. We couldn't reach him either. In fact one of the last things he said to me was really mean. But I know he really didn't know what he was saying. Just keep talking to him and tell him how much you love him.

Best Wishes,


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