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Princess (the dog) Story


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This is mainly for Becky's son (he had SO much fun throwing her toy into the water at Ry's party last summer, and watching Princess go after it like her life depended on it.)

It was beautiful here today, so after a ride on the motorcycle, I took Princess over to the forest preserve where the dogs are allowed to run loose and there's 3 lakes, which have been slowing thawing out the last few times we were there.

Today, after walking the paths for about 1/2 hour, we ended up back at the edge of one of the lakes (obviously a shallow one because it was completely thawed out). Princess had her toy in her mouth and ran down to the edge of the water and looked back at me pleadingly.

I said, "No - it's too cold to be in the water."

She ran back by me, dropped the toy at my feet and ran back to the waters edge, waiting for me to throw it and looking at me like she was gonna fall apart.

I said, "No - maybe next time", and kept walking.

She came running up the little hill, picked up her toy and ran full tilt back to the water, with toy in mouth, and just lept in! Brat!

I had to chuckle. She was like, "I'm going in whether YOU play with me or not!"

Beautiful day, and grateful woman here in Chicago suburbs.........


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We have a dog park here. My Rocky and Sally love to go. Rocky squeaks in the back of the car all the way there he is so excited to go. Dogs are good "medicine". They make me laugh and show so much love. Donna G

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