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Thanks for your responses and prayers

Guest sunflower

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Guest sunflower

Thanks for your support and helpful responses to my questions about my Mom's lc. The information about the second opinions and decodron were extremely helpful while I was vistiting her in Florida. I just got back from a two week visit. It was an emotional roller coaster but I was very grateful for the time and talks we had. I am not sure how much more I will be posting so I wanted to give you an update.

2/21/05 I arrive in Florida to see her and she is weaker than when I saw her in January, but still has her sense of humor. They are frustrated because the oncologist has not been easy to reach for questions and doesn't return calls.

2/23/05 Pet scan reveals activity in the liver. Mom is getting weaker but still wants chemo to start next week.

2/25/05 Mom has become extemely thirsty and tired, can't get out of bed at all. Dr. says it is side effect of decadron.

3/2 My mom's left leg hurts her and she is usually not one to complain. Chemo is scheduled for next day

3/3 Mom is rushed to hospital in AM because she is becoming incoherent and said she can't breath

She is immediately diagnosed with onset diabetes. Blood sugar 900 should be about 90. Dr at local hospital said elevated sugar could be side effect of decadron. She was one step away from diabetic coma. I thought this was it for her :(

3/4 Mom is in ICU and her blood sugar is coming down and she is feeling better. I see her and she looks so much better. I have to leave to return home today. I found out when I return home that the results of the second opinon is that with the diabetes and everything else being so advanced she only has a couple of weeks. They tell my family they will take care of her and make her comfortable and hospice can help.

3/5/05 My mom sleeps all day and I don't get to talk to her for the first time in a long time.

3/6/05 I found out my mom had some morphine today because her right arm is really hurting her and she can't even hold the phone to talk. I speak with her for a few minutes but she gets tired from the pain medication.

Thanks again for listening. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


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Patty, Iam so sorry for all that your mom and your family is going through. I pray for you and your dad to get through this difficult time. You are a wonderful daughter to have been there for her. She valued the time you spent with her.

You mom will be in a better place, when she gets rid of that sick heavy, diseased body and her spirit crosses over to a wonderful place, free of pain. She will feel wonderful and will be with loved ones who passed before her. Just like she will be there for you when your time comes. Her spirit will always live on.

Always hold those beautiful, precious memories of her in your heart of hearts.

I pray for strength for you and your dad.


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Hi, Patty:

Thanks for your update post on your Mom. My heart ached for you and your Mom when I read your post and I could hardly swallow for emotion and tears in my eyes. My prayers and hopes are sent to you now that you will have the strength and support from your faith, family, and friends to help you through this.


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dear Patti,

I am so sorry to hear about this. I was whispering oh, nooo as I was reading.

I am so glad that you were able to spend some time with her. I am positive that it means the world to her that you would drop everything and come running. What a testament to the love between a mother and daughter.

I will pray for comfort for your Mom and stregth and peace for you as you attempt to get through these days. I will pray if that is all right with you.

Cindi o'h

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Dear Patti,

My heart goes out to you and your family.

i hope you will still be checking the board even if you don't post much. Please accept the support offered here.

Is your mom still in the hospital or has she gone home? Are you going to be able to visit her again any time soon?

All our prayers for you and yours

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