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Five for 3/26


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1) Being able to do laundry at home (hate going to the laundromat)

2) Clearance items at Lowe's (new plants for the house, a 4' palm tree for $6!)

3) A cuddly dog (she's sleeping in my bed, her boy is with his dad)

4) The pattern the sunshine makes sneaking through the blinds and onto the kitchen floor

5) Hearing robins when I let the dog out (I still see snow)

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1.) Crocus are coming up.

2.) Surprise visit from cousin, she has offered to help my hubbie out with my care. How sweet of her. He so needs a break now & then.

3.) Salmon & asparigus with hollandaise sauce (Hubbie is such a good cook).

4.) The beautiful paint job Hubbie just finished in the hallways & the Kitchen island.

5.) Feeling up to posting my 5's! Still having some difficulty but I did it!


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1. Finally found a shower curtain for new house.

2. Only 20 more days 'til I settle new house

3. Home Depot is going to install carpet on a saturday, yep, on a saturday.

4. Dave C's improved platlets.

5. Easter with a bunch of grandchildren.

Happy Hoppy Day to all.

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