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chocolate kiss


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We slept in a little here this morning, and I had a class earlier in usual because of a rescheduling.

And so we were running late. Usually, I get up a half hour before Katie because I am not a morning person. And so I can get my grumpies out before Katie wakes up. But that wasn't a choice, and I scurried her along, didn't let her wake up as much as usual.

And she was sad and wanted me to feel better. I have such a sweet little girl. And so she took the last Hershey's kiss from her Easter basket and put it on my seat in the car to cheer me up.

Like I said, I have a really sweet girl.

But in my hurry, I didn't look at the seat before sitting in it.

And I was wearing khaki pants.

And it was too late to change before class.

And chocolate where there was chocolate really didn't look like chocolate. Nor does it smeared into my seat in the car. I'll just leave it at that.

I have a sweet little girl. At least I was just a student today, so I could keep my butt hidden in a desk. Tomorrow when I am teaching, it would have been far worse, trying to make sure no student got behind me.

Memo to self, black pants on teaching days.

I have a sweet little girl.


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I loved your post about your wonderfully sweet daughter. You should print it up to save for her. It would be a story that she would enjoy in her adulthood and if she so choose to have children, they would love to hear too.

Thanks for sharing your story. It made me smile.


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