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radiation questions


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Hi Carole.

I lost the quality of taste as well.

It was made clear by the oncologist and radiation oncologist that no matter what happened with my sense of taste or appetite that it was imperative to eat anyway. I was instructed that losing weight was the worse thing that could happen. So. In spite of things not tasting good or not having the energy to eat at times, I forced myself to eat anyway.

It became a job instead of a luxury.

Good luck with this.

cindi o'h

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Carole -

Sorry to hear about your husbands taste being diminished. I haven't had radiation, but my taste was and still is occasionally effected from Chemo, but it has always came back. The steroids they have been giving me recently (dexamethasone) has helped a lot and brought my appetite back big time.

Have a safe trip back to Central NY next week. Weathers been great. Take care and God Bless.


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Hi Carole,

His taste will come back. He has to find what taste good to him and eat alot of it. For me, I

lived on NY cheesecake, sherbert, and jello swirls.

Good luck, it will get better.

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My husband finished chemo for a break and is on last couple days of whole brain radiation. He is experiencing similar thing - during chemo, everything tasted great. With radiation, taste is dulled and he can't stand a lot of cooking smells and some things taste differently and bad to him, like pork chops, but broiled catfish was good. Found cooking basic stuff like fresh vegetables without a lot of spices and cutting up fresh fruit or making cole slaw is helping him and tastes good to him.

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